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Why is blood sugar controlled well, still can appear complic

2018-03-31 15:22

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes complications as high as more than 100, is currently known to have the most complications of a disease. For patients in need of long-term treatment, how to better prevent the occurrence of complications? 

Why is blood sugar controlled well, still can appear complication?

First of all, blood sugar must be stable. In addition, 60% of diabetes mellitus with hypertension, and 60% of diabetes with hyperlipidemia. So if diabetes wants to reduce the complications of blood vessels and large or small blood vessels, it must achieve lowering sugar, lowering blood pressure, adjusting fat, and anticoagulating. These four steps are well controlled. You can reduce the number of complications by half.

Some patients with diabetes do not have complications such as cardiovascular disease, nephropathy, and so on, although their blood sugar is not well controlled. Some patients, after learning that they have suffered from diabetes, actively carry out diet treatment, drug therapy, and exercise therapy. Blood sugar control has been good, but there are still complications. Why should there be complications when blood sugar is well controlled? 

Controlling hyperglycemia can effectively reduce diabetic complications. But it can't be ignored that even if fasting blood glucose is well controlled, it does not indicate that postprandial blood sugar is well controlled. The effect of postprandial hyperglycemia is greater than that of fasting hyperglycemia. People with diabetes should not only check their fasting blood sugar, but also their postprandial blood sugar. Once or twice their blood sugar is normal, which does not mean that their blood sugar is completely normal. A lot of blood sugar is "normal" after the complications have occurred. And the patient may not know.

Diabetic macrovascular complications are caused by multiple risk factors, so preventing macrovascular complications should not only control blood sugar, but also blood pressure, blood lipids, blood viscosity and body weight. Macrovascular complications may have started, not all after diabetes. Therefore, strict control of hyperglycemia does not prevent all complications.

Complications are related to heredity. For example, in the same long course of disease and the same high blood sugar conditions, some patients developed fundus disease, kidney disease, others did not. This is caused by genetic differences.

Volatile hyperglycemia is more harmful than stable hyperglycemia. Blood sugar fluctuates greatly and can easily cause damage to tissues and organs. The more volatile blood sugar is, the higher the incidence of chronic complications and the worse the prognosis. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the fluctuation of blood sugar. In order to reduce the harm caused by the fluctuation of blood sugar.

There are some important factors closely related to the occurrence and development of complications, such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking, obesity and so on. The management of diabetic complications should be based on the control of multiple risk factors.

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