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Five symptoms of diabetic nephropathy

2017-02-02 16:46

With the development of disease in patients with diabetes can appear in a variety of chronic complications in recent years resulting in the highest mortality rate for patients with diabetic nephropathy is a complication in order to better prevention and treatment.

Five symptoms of diabetic nephropathy:

First phase: characterized by renal enlargement, 25% b-finding kidney enlargement. Increased glomerular filtration rate (detected by isotopic methods), and more than 120 ml/min, and even up to 150 ml/min. Parallel to its extent and blood sugar. Normal renal biopsy, blood pressure is not high, and in the early stages of diabetes. These reactions in the tight control of blood glucose and insulin therapy can return to normal after a few weeks to a few months.

Second phase: characterized by increased urinary albumin excretion without rest, but after exercise, increased urinary albumin. Bicycle exercise maximum heart rate heart rate up to peers 75% and urinary albumin excretion in 20 minutes 1 hour more than 20 μg/min. Glomerular filtration rate returned to near normal levels. Patients continued excessive filtration means increased risk of diabetic nephropathy. This period can also be reversed, high blood pressure, kidney biopsy increased thickening of the basement membrane and mesangium matrix.

Phase III: also known as diabetic nephropathy. By the albumin in urine after exercise into a continuing elevated urinary albumin, 20~200 mcg/minute, glomerular filtration rate remains relatively normal. At a later stage, it may be mildly elevated blood pressure. If we do not take active treatment, 90% per cent of patients will develop significant diabetic nephropathy.

Fourth period: significant diabetic nephropathy, also called clinical stage of diabetic nephropathy: this period of persistent proteinuria, namely, urine protein can be detected in the urine, urinary protein is greater than 0.5 g/24 hours, the equivalent of urine albumin excretion rate of greater than 200 μg/min. Decreased glomerular filtration rate, and high blood pressure. Without good control of blood pressure, and Glomerular filtration rate of an average monthly decline of about 11.22 ml per minute rate deteriorated, in which patients develop end-stage renal failure in 5-8. Renal Biopsy tip Glomerular sclerosis. During this period even after rigorous treatment is irreversible.

Fifth period: for end-stage diabetic nephropathy, higher blood pressure, urine protein is not as other reasons for kidney disease to kidney failure in late fall, glomerular filtration rate declined up to 10 mL/min, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine, edema and high blood pressure more severe, the low protein blood syndrome. This period is associated with diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy.


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