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Traditional Chinese medicine treat diabetic nephropathy?

2017-01-25 14:47

How traditional Chinese medicine to treat diabetic nephropathy? There are four kinds of combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment measures for reference.

First, Strict control of blood glucose levels

Including diet therapy, with the use of hypoglycemic drugs.

Second, active treatment of diabetic complications

Such as reducing the blood pressure, or reduce the three high (high perfusion, high filtration, high pressure), so as to reduce the occurrence of proteinuria and delay renal failure.

Third, for patients with this situation, the key is to repair the injured kidney.

The actual application with Chinese medicine and Western medicine in clinic, treatment based on syndrome differentiation, using active ingredients of Chinese medicine, the effective circulating blood volume of the kidney gradually increase, improve ischemia and anoxia lesion of the kidney, clearan immune complexes formed in renal fibrosis, to repair the kidney pathological damage. It is also the focus of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

Forth, in the course of clinical treatment, patients with diabetic nephropathy should also do a good job in the daily work of protection.

Attention should be paid to prevent colds, infections and other factors that may increase the risk of kidney disease. In addition, we should pay attention to the living habits, use low salt, low fat, low sugar, high quality low protein, low potassium, high cellulose, "five low and one high" diet.

The above is the treatment of diabetic nephropathy with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, the effect is obvious. Remind patients: in the presence of diabetic nephropathy, we should avoid the blind treatment, not only a single treatment. It is good for treatment, combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine combination of symptoms.


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