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Therefore, the prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency

2017-02-12 10:39

The deficiency of kidney essence deficiency of yin and yang. There are many types of kidney deficiency, is one of the most common kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. The symptoms of kidney deficiency, kidney yang deficiency symptoms of backache, cold limbs, chills, and even edema, "cold" symptoms, sexual function will not lead to kidney yang deficiency; kidney yin deficiency symptoms of "hot", mainly backache, hot, sweating, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, etc.. Modern science has proved that when the occurrence of kidney deficiency, whether kidney or kidney yang deficiency, will lead to reduce people's immunity, there is more evidence that kidney deficiency occurs, reduce kidney immunity and microcirculation system of the kidney will also blocked kidney collateral has not. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency should be combined.

1 often play taijiquan

Practice Tai Chi, preferably in the early morning air in the park, under the tree, the water.

2 daily self massage waist

Two hands to rub the palm of the hand, to heat, were put to the waist on both sides, palms to the skin, massage the waist down, to have a hot date. Sooner or later, each time about 200.

3 every day rubbing the soles of the feet

The hands of the palm rub, rub the soles of the feet to the right to the left hand, right hand left foot rub heart, sooner or later each 1 times, each time rub 300.

4 do anal contraction every day

The whole body relax, natural breathing; breath, do anal action, inspiratory relaxation, repeated 30 times.

5 do a simple exercise every day, if there is time, but also can be done repeatedly

(1) the breath, the body gradually rose, hands down, gradually clenched fist.

(2) two parallel, from the foot with the shoulder width, front sight, arms drooping naturally, palms affixed to the seams, fingers naturally open. Heel lift, continuous breathing 9 times.

(3) the breath, body stand, arms external screw, fist forward, two cubits from both sides of the body and at the same time, extrusion weakness, heel lifting, and the anus, breathing.

(4) heel landing, slowly inhale, bend your knees squat, hands back gradually, inside of the ankle; hand close to the ground, a little harder to catch a fist (with grasping meaning), absorbing enough gas.


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