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Diabetic nephropathy Basic health care

2017-04-26 15:25
Basic health(Provide the most basic health care for people with a lack of health care resources)
1 Urine protein (morning urine or random urine) is measured annually by paper method or sulfosalicylic acid method. Microscopic examination of urinary tract infection if possible for the same time for culture, determination of urinary protein / creatinine ratio (PCR) and repeated in the next 6 months to detect 2 times (if 3 times in 2 positive, can be identified as proteinuria). If the examination is negative, urine protein is repeatedly examined every year. Serum creatinine (or urea) may be measured annually.
2 It is recommended that patients with proteinuria avoid the use of analgesics, alcohol and improper medication and other risk factors, limiting protein intake of 0.8 g / kg / d, non-smoking.Patients need to use antihypertensive drugs and limit salt intake method to make blood pressure to the target value (<130/80mmHg). It is recommended that patients use ACE inhibitors to control the target value, while the application of effective drugs to improve blood lipid status in patients with lipid control to achieve the target value, and proteinuria and progress needs to be measured once a year, Serum creatinine or urea was measured every 6 months.

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