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Medical treatment of diabetic nephropathy

2017-04-26 17:05
Medical treatment of diabetic nephropathy method is as follows:
(1) Diet therapy: It is now recommended that early diabetic nephropathy should limit protein intake (0.8g / kg.d). For patients with edema and renal insufficiency, in addition to limiting the intake of sodium in the diet, the intake of protein should be taken less and the principle of fine (0.6g / kg.d), if necessary, the appropriate amount of amino acids and plasma The Under the insulin guarantee may be appropriate to increase carbohydrate intake to ensure adequate heat. Fat should use vegetable oil.
(2) drug treatment: oral hypoglycemic agents. For simple diet and oral hypoglycemic agents and poor control of renal insufficiency patients should be used as soon as possible insulin. Application of insulin to monitor blood glucose in time to adjust the dose.
2. Antihypertensive therapy:
Hypertension can accelerate the progression and deterioration of diabetic nephropathy, requiring control of diabetes in patients with low blood pressure levels than non-diabetic hypertensive patients, diastolic blood pressure less than 75mmHg. Should also limit the intake of sodium, quit smoking, limit drinking, weight loss and appropriate exercise. Antihypertensive drugs and more advocate the first choice of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, often combined with calcium antagonists, can also use α1 receptor antagonists such as prazosin. According to the disease may be appropriate to add diuretics.

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