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Tonifying spleen and kidney "five steps of this system" for

2017-04-26 17:07
Tonifying spleen and kidney "five steps of this system" for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy
1 to strengthen the use of Western medicine hypoglycemic treatment, control of systemic blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood viscosity, for the treatment of kidney disease to provide a good whole body environment, and activation of islet cells to enhance the body resistance to disease.
2 Chinese medicine secret recipe fine conditioning, effective inhibition of mesangial cell proliferation, increase glomerular permeability.
3 dialectical treatment of "micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration treatment" to reverse blood abnormalities, so that the recovery of renal aorta flow patency.
4 the advanced nerve electrophysiological diagnosis instrument to accurately diagnose the degree of renal autonomic nerve damage and damaged parts, take transdermal skin to repair damaged nerves, to achieve nutritional repair nerve, so that glomerular filtration function and kidney Metabolic function in the regulation of healthy autonomic nerve to complete the condition reversed.
5 a comprehensive adjustment of stable blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood viscosity and high uric acid, significantly reduce the renal metabolic load for the kidney repair and diabetic nephropathy reversal to provide a good internal environment.

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