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Natural immune balance treatment completely away from diabet

2017-04-26 17:40

Natural immune balance system after years of clinical practice, the formation of a complete treatment system. The world can not get rid of all the balance, ecological balance will lead to a variety of natural disasters, psychological loss of balance, will produce a variety of negative emotions, while affecting the work, life and interpersonal relationships. The body will lose balance in the metabolic process, there will be confusion, organ duties and functions will be biased. This therapy is in the traditional theory of traditional Chinese medicine (to the overall view of medicine, balance and dialectical thinking) under the guidance of modern immunology combined with the latest theory, the use of the most advanced medical technology, through the overall coordination of the human heart, liver and spleen and kidney, Yin and yang qi blood environment immune balance, dredge the meridian, adjust the air machine, activate the recovery of kidney function

Natural immune balance treatment advantages:

(1) differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome, disease-specific disease treatment, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment.

(2) a variety of modern medical technology, multi-channel management, promote drug factor absorption, promote immune balance.

(3) classic prescription + in vitro treatment, kidney, blood, blood circulation, balance yin and yang, repair damaged kidney cells, restore renal function.

(4) Chinese medicine on the overall treatment, from the kidney, bleeding, flat, spleen and kidney, Xuanfei gas, detoxification diarrhea two-way adjustment of yin and yang virtual reality began.

(5) integration of natural therapy, promote efficacy, non-toxic, no side effects, shorten the recovery time, comprehensive conditioning, effective recovery of renal function without recurrence.

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