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Judging diabetic nephropathy from skin!

2017-05-14 09:22

The skin is very important for each of us, it is the isolation layer of the body and the external environment, plays a protective role in our body, and it can also reflect some of the diseases we know some of the human body, some symptoms such as skin can tell us what happened in diabetic nephropathy, can let us can early treatment appear these symptoms in diabetic nephropathy. Well, specifically, how do we judge from the skin itself has been suffering from diabetic nephropathy it? Here's a brief introduction to you:

1, skin erythema

It's like a burn blister. The wall is very thin, containing a transparent grout, without a blush around it. In general, erythema on the fingers, toes, hands and feet of the back or at the bottom edge, can be a single or more appear, in a few weeks can heal, but will occur again and again.

2, itchy skin

Some patients with diabetic nephropathy can occur systemic or local skin drying, desquamation, itching unbearable. Vaginal itching is more common in female patients.

3 、 folliculitis of neck

There may be inflammation purulent head prickly kind of occiput at the nape, have tenderness, and can develop into boils or cellulitis. After the discharge of pus can heal, but will soon relapse.

4, abnormal sweating

Often occurs in the It is without rhyme or reason. hyperhidrosis, and upper limbs or trunk, sweating phenomenon occurs even in some patients.

5. Foot gangrene

Patients often foot pain, athalposis, dry and easy to crack, prone to ulcers, suppuration, necrosis, and difficult to heal, or even perforation foot disease.

6. Xanthoma

In the limbs, flexor, buttocks, neck, knee and other places of the skin, often seen in groups of sudden yellow orange nodules or small papules, surrounded by a blush, and itching feeling.

Finally, the expert reminds if the above symptoms even early signs of diabetic nephropathy, which is no matter what happens, must be timely to the hospital for blood and urine tests, in order to confirm the diagnosis and to receive appropriate treatment.

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