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What is the normal value of diabetes fasting blood sugar reveals two major control methods?

2017-05-20 10:49

With the development of society, the increasing pressure of work and life, more and more people in the body there will be some problems, and diabetes is one of them, in today's society, the incidence of diabetes is gradually increased, and tend to be younger, this time because of work and learning result, then you know the normal fasting blood glucose what is the value, the following is to introduce how to control diabetes, with a look.

1, diabetes is a great harm to a patient, which is a lot of people know things, so we must first understand the diabetes in the fasting state under the normal value of the blood sugar, but also to measure blood sugar often, this can be a very good understanding of the body changes, the timely discovery of physical discomfort, this can be very good to treat, from diseases.

2, for diabetic patients, must timely grasp of their blood sugar, which can timely understand that the body is uncomfortable, and the normal value of blood glucose is between 6.7-9.4, in the case of an empty stomach will be higher than the normal value, so we can through these to be measured, but also pay attention to their own change, usually obesity people are likely to suffer from diabetes.

3, for people with diabetes diet is very important, is the first and most important to a reasonable diet, to eat on time, try to eat or not eat spicy spicy food, it can control the disease very well, but also remember to develop good habits, the only way to make your body more health.

Described above is diabetic and normal fasting glucose value is how much, I believe we already know, also want to tell you, many people think that the effective control of diabetes can not eat the staple food, but it is not true that a good diet is very important for patients with diabetes, so to develop good eating habits, so can be very good to make your body more healthy.

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