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Treatment method of diabetic nephropathy in the 4 stage

2017-09-13 17:38

Diabetic nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes. After suffering from diabetes, blood sugar control is not good, it is easy to appear glomerular basement membrane thickening phenomenon, leading to glomerular function is affected, is the filtration function of the kidney decline. At this time, patients are prone to hypoproteinemia, hypertension, edema and other symptoms. Especially after the 4 phase, the damage will be more obvious. So, what are the treatment methods of diabetic nephropathy in the 4 stage?

Treatment method of diabetic nephropathy in the 4 stage

After found they at diabetic nephropathy 4 stage, we recommend that you use the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment.

When diabetics find themselves having stage 4 diabetes nephropathy, the most important thing to do is to strictly control their blood sugar. These include the use of hypoglycemic agents and dietary attention.

Active treatment of complications is also the key to the treatment of this period. Some friends feel that diabetic nephropathy has reached the 4 phase, so the treatment of their disease is relatively negative attitude. In fact, everyone in life, as long as the attention to buck, to avoid the body's three high status, you can effectively delay the speed of kidney failure, and more can reduce the burden of kidney decomposition.

As soon as possible to repair the kidney, patients can choose the infiltration of Chinese medicine treatment. Chinese medicine contains a lot of active substances, can help patients effectively increase the blood circulation of the kidney, increase blood flow. Thus, the immune complex of the kidney is removed, which helps the kidneys to escape the state of hypoxia and ischemia. Chinese medicine has a good effect on the pathological damage of kidney.

Patient who has diabetic nephropathy in the stage 4, the body is relatively weak, we must protect ourselves, to avoid colds, viruses and other infections, otherwise easily lead to exacerbations. When the 4 stage of diabetic nephropathy is approaching, the diabetic should not panic. At this time, you must calm down to judge your condition. Treatment of diabetic nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine has become a general trend of treatment, patients can choose according to their own physical capacity. However, we must pay attention to the use of drugs in the process, to avoid the liver and other organs suffered two times.

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