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How to treat edema caused by diabetic nephropathy?

2017-09-14 15:55

Treatment of edema caused by diabetic nephropathy is mainly divided into two aspects. The first is to actively treat diabetes, and second is to improve the renal function of patients, and to control the further development of nephropathy. In addition, the treatment should also be symptomatic, such as actively control hyperglycemia symptoms, and actively control hypertension.

How to treat edema caused by diabetic nephropathy?

The application of insulin treatment when the disease is very necessary, because many people have diabetes, high blood sugar, rational application of insulin, the blood sugar control in the normal range, while ensuring adequate intake of carbohydrates, so that patients maintain normal physical fitness, which is propitious to the recovery of the patients. At the time of drug treatment, the utilization and measurement of oral hypoglycemic drugs should be adjusted according to the change of blood sugar, especially the excessive consumption of hypoglycemic drugs. In patients with poor kidney function, it is important to control blood sugar, otherwise high blood sugar can lead to kidney disease. At the time of treatment, you must quit smoking and alcohol, and stress the proper exercise of the patients. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors can improve the symptoms of high blood pressure.

In addition, when diabetic nephropathy at end stage can severe disturbance of renal function, at this time the kidneys can not normal operation, so at the end of their dialysis treatment is very important, dialysis treatment can alleviate high blood pressure and control cell osmotic pressure solution. But when you do kidney dialysis, you should try to avoid giving the heart a heavy burden. Some diabetic nephropathy patients at the end of the time, oral hypoglycemic drugs have not played a big role, this time should also consider intraperitoneal injection of insulin treatment. Very few patients need a kidney transplant after they become ill.

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