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How to treat late stage of diabetic nephropathy?

2017-09-14 15:59

Diabetes patients with end-stage renal disease, and prone to hematuria and renal failure and so on many kinds of complications, but also need to pay attention to is the patients with heart failure and complications such as cystitis itself will affect kidney function, greatly, at this time the same patients still need to actively control the blood sugar, blood sugar control in the normal range, help the body improvement of abnormal renal hemodynamics.

How to treat late stage of diabetic nephropathy?

Manipulation of blood pressure: Patients with diabetic nephropathy often also have high blood pressure, which is also an important factor leading to the onset and development of diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, patients should take antihypertensive drugs in a timely manner. In general, the drugs can be used as inhibitors of vascular angiotensin converting enzyme, and some vascular endothelin receptor antagonists can also be used. Even some patients with normal blood pressure can use it to maintain kidney function.

End-stage kidney disease instead of treatment: we know that diabetes is a chronic disease in patients with diabetic nephropathy because of other complications due to diabetes are also very much, which in this serious complication in the treatment of early performance, you should pay attention to the appropriate width instead of the indication of cure kidney.

In some clinical end-stage diabetic nephropathy patients, the treatment method of kidney transplantation is a cure for the most useful, the influence of different kidney implanted into the patient's body for survival is very large, if the renal transplant therapy can allow patients condition. However, it is important to note that simple renal transplantation does not prevent the recurrence of diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, patients still need to actively treat diabetes, and also need to control other complications of diabetes.

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