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Clinical experience of traditional Chinese medicine in treat

2017-01-24 14:13

Clinical experience of traditional Chinese medicine in treating diabetic nephropathy

Still need to pay attention to the clinical syndrome, diabetic kidney deficiency, but the heat, dampness, blood stasis, water, poison and other real evil can be seen in various stages, different stages, primary and secondary, different degrees

Chinese medicine treatment of this disease, if the diagnosis is accurate, medication properly, on the early stage of the patient can obtain better curative effect, to improve the symptoms of advanced patients can also have good effect, reduce the complications of dialysis, thus becoming the effective treatment by the patient in favour of. Now we will experience in syndrome differentiation and treatment of the disease experience are summarized as follows.


1. "excessive loss, and loss, and a Yang" as the main pathology 

Collateral kidney disease will be developed from collateral. The clinical symptoms of diabetes and proteinuria and (or) edema as the main performance. Diabetes disease, Yin scorching, but if the delay time, shall not be method, or loss of the crisis, the more consumption, Yin jin Yin damage, a and Yang is the basic pathological mechanism and development trend. And collateral endowment losses, despair an illusion of "the five zang-organs are weak, good disease", and "the five internal organs injury, poor and kidney", if the kidney Yin deficiency, liver displaced, often cause liver and kidney Yin deficiency, Yin deficiency of the fire certificate; YinShang, gas consumption at the same time, into two injury syndrome of qi and Yin; Qi deficiency is taken, subtle leaked out, and a urine urine turbidity; Long a and Yang, Yin and Yang are two empty, subtle leaked, wet gasification, fluid retention, flooding the skin, thus urine turbidity edema and see; If the disease continue to develop, kidney body fatigue failure, kidney failure, both qi and blood and blood stasis resistance, turbidity toxin inside stop, all CARDS occurs repeatedly, eventually lead to kidney failure, five zang-organs is impaired, the sanjiao (triple energizer) block, lifting disorders, wet muddy poisonous water, into the qi activity of inverse chaos "block and repulsion", "renal failure.



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