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The traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-24 14:04

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy 

Mainly treatment based on syndrome differentiation type, the method is as follows: 

1) lung and stomach's two virtual type: main show is shortness of breath from the sweat, languid, less abdominal distension, the diagnosis is unwell, pharynx dry tongue dry, usually easy to catch a cold, pale tongue fat big side have teeth marks, moss thin white, pulse is fine. Appropriate qi and nourishing Yin, beneficial stomach gas. Repair lung soup, benefit stomach soup reduction (radix pseudostellariae, radix astragali, radix rehmanniae, fructus schisandrae, white mulberry root-bark, coastal glehnia root, dwarf lilyturf, jade bamboo, etc.). 

(2) glove two virtual type: mainly for languid, insomnia, much dream, palpitations forgetfulness, dizzy, eat poorly, pale tongue, thin pulse. Appropriate qi and nourishing Yin, tonic mist. Ginseng spleen-invigorating tonga subtraction (dangshen, astragalus, atractylodes, polygala, Fried jujube kernel, angelica, god eight, combination, etc.). 

(3) spleen and kidney deficiency type: mainly for shortness of breath, less abdominal distention, limb is not warm, lumbar debility, nocturia qing long, pale tongue fat big side have teeth marks, weak pulse sink. The appropriate cure spleen and kidney. Six gentleman's soup, liuwei dihuang pill, the amphibious two elixir and Gordon euryale seed mixture, such as add and subtract (Fried dangshen, astragalus, atractylodes, Cherokee rose, Gordon euryale seed, atractylodes, poria cocos, yam, rhizoma polygonati, dodder, lily, loquat leaf, etc.). 

(4) qi and Yin deficiency type: mainly for god fatigue, spontaneous perspiration and shortness of breath, hand, foot and heart is hot, dry throat dry mouth, thirsty and drinking water, stool stem node or dry before they are thin and red tongue fat less moss have teeth marks or light indented tongue, pulse heavy fine or string. When appropriate qi and nourishing Yin, ginseng and astragalus to add and subtract, pseudostellaria root, radix astragali, radix rehmanniae, yam, cornus, poria cocos, cortex moutan, etc.). 

(5), Yin and Yang are two virtual type: main show is dreamy look white, cold and cold limbs, waist sour backache, dry mouth to drink, or edema, or dry, or loose stool, red tongue fat, pulse heavy fine. When appropriate double repair of Yin and Yang, guangxi attached to fill, jiyang kidney soup, big yuan Fried add and subtract (dangshen, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, cornus, yam, eucommia bark, angelica, medlar, curculigo, fairy spleen. Edema and achyranthes, plantain seed, the studies, etc.). 



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