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A great harm, diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-19 15:16

A great harm, diabetic nephropathy 

Usually refers to diabetes cause kidney tissue of diabetic nephropathy sclerosis. The onset of early renal function is normal, no obvious clinical manifestations, hard to find in a timely manner. Once the progress for clinical diabetic nephropathy, renal function deteriorated sharply, the need for abdominal, hemodialysis and kidney transplant therapy. If do not take appropriate intervention measures, with an average progress into uremia in 5 ~ 10 years. 

Diabetic nephropathy can be classified as different in TCM disease category discussion, to give priority to in order to trace albuminuria and proteinuria in the traditional Chinese medicine "nutrients or", "deficient" category; With more than a typical drinking, eating, polyuria, leaner is "/", "kidney" category; Main show is edema, renal insufficiency, is the traditional Chinese medicine "consumptive disease", "edema", "block and repulsion" category. Five zang-organs is deficient, and diet not festival, weary internal injury is the main cause of diabetes, feel invaded, found in modern is a common cause of diabetic nephropathy. Main disease in kidney and spleen, lung, liver and other viscera also closely related to blood stasis, dampness, phlegm turbidity water is the main and carry the evil. 

Second, the clinical manifestation is persiform, have disease 

Usually no special clinical symptoms early diabetic nephropathy, only show the symptoms of diabetes, or accompanied by large vascular lesions, such as high blood pressure, etc., can have a small amount of protein in his urine. 

Patients with the clinical albuminuria, continuous and often appear in the urine protein molecules, clinical manifestations of change. This period of kidney is not limited to loss of small molecular proteins such as albumin, macromolecular protein can also be filtered out. From diabetes to appear proteinuria in diabetic patients, urine protein can increase more than 5 ~ 20 times. The occurrence of proteinuria and degree can end, every day more than 3 grams of total protein in the urine, bad end. 

Into uremia period, due to kidney damage can bring trouble to the heart, brain, lung, liver, and other viscera, clinical manifestations varied also. 

Three, early detection and diagnosis in time 

Diabetic nephropathy early lack of obvious clinical symptoms. Once appear clinical proteinuria, the development of the disease is irreversible, persistent proteinuria on average six years progress to death, early diagnosis is important. Generally recognized early diagnostic criteria is persistent microalbuminuria. Method is to collect three times throughout the day in 1 ~ 6 months of urine, among them 2 times of urine protein of 20 ~ 200 mg/min (or 30 to 300 mg / 24 hours), or more than 3 times throughout the day in the urine, determination of albumin excretion rate of average value in the range of the above, have sustained albuminuria can be determined, the patients with early diabetic nephropathy. When the proteinuria > 0.5 g / 24 hours into the clinical kidney disease. 


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