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Traditional treatment

2017-02-04 11:34

TCM therapy is the circle with the function of traditional Chinese medicine in Sida

Line crushing processing, and then selected according to different disease

The same part of the human body smear, and use different drugs

From human blood share different toxin removal. First of all, through the principle of meridian of traditional Chinese Medicine

To the skin of the disease reaction site.

In the reaction site with special Chinese medicine to draw

Spiral circle. Once a day, five times each painting circle, spiral,

Cold fever clockwise circle, clockwise circle. The circle of 4-

8 hours after the warm water bath, wash the medicine circle.

Each small course of 7 days, a large course of treatment for 49 days. Cold fever, rash, fever, sweating, ear pain

Ming, appetite and so on are all significant performance; fever skin

Skin white, and black class, sweating, tinnitus, lethargy and diarrhea

And so on for the performance. With the bias of traditional Chinese medicine and the whirlpool of nature

Extraction of blood points of the evil qi.

For the cold dampness pathogen, a series of cold dampness were available

The traditional Chinese medicine of evil; for damp heat evil, can use a series of extraction

Damp heat pathogen

Skin allergies and sensitive physical disabled.

Disable patients with traumatic rupture.

Pregnant disabled.

Pay attention to warm, summer can not open air conditioning.

Note that the ring can not be left out, so as not to damage the skin.

Licorice paste can be used, raw soil paste around the retaining ring, meaning soil grams

Water, water fire in Italy, in order to avoid pathogen escape, cannot be the root of traditional Chinese medicine hot compress is double Shenshu will have clear renal toxicity

After treatment with drugs, the drugs of kidney and kidney were recovered,

Apply on Shenshu acupoint to remove toxin in the kidney, and.

Complex kidney vitality, to achieve the purpose of detoxification. Through the traditional Chinese medicine topical effect on double Shenshu full sun bladder

Cystine, through the bladder meridian and kidney meridian table

In effect, followed by kidney, renal clearance in evil.

Shenshu Point is to kidney bladder damp heat or cold dampness gas infusion

Cystine by sweat or urine points, so in

In medicine hot compress treatment Shenshu hot compress therapy


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