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Chinese medicine bath will have open discharge drugs Decocti

2017-02-04 11:41

Chinese medicine bath will have open discharge drugs Decoction

After the bath medicine decoction, and then let the patients enter into the soup

Full bath for enough time, the effective component of the medicine extraction

Deep into the body of the meridians, reach the viscera, open hair

Through the hole, bladder, sweat and urine leakage in the meridians and cou

Toxic pathogen in Zang Fu organs. With the help of drugs and bath soup warm gas, promote the human body

Meridian qi and blood running, so that the pores of the relaxation, point passage. drug

Bath medicine through systemic pores acupoint penetration to the meridian of the cou

Inside, and meridian of Fu, Fu into by dirty, lung resuscitation, temperature

Kidney yang, lung and kidney and restore descending transpiration gasification

The role of the skin caused by the sweat of the network, the viscera of the poison from the urine


With the opening of the role of soup soup.

Cold should Duojiawen Kidney Yang of the goods; with appropriate heat heat

The pain should be damp; Qi and cold dispelling pain; edema.

Good water swelling.

Steady weight loss, increased resistance, joint pain

Reduced, improved sleep, increased appetite, hand warmer, out

Sweat, swelling, skin itching, delicate pink

All alleviate the short-term effect of the foot

Oliguria, anuria, blood potassium in clothing decoction.

Or with a fire emergency decocting, boiling, boiling 10 minutes after a cold

Water emergency fire and fry the defervescence, boiling, boiling 10 minutes after the fire.

30 minutes after meals.

Decoction of Chinese medicine after cold storage must be boiled after the optimum temperature


Pay attention to enema gentle, not rough operation.

Pay attention to enema position, easy to retain the drug.

Attention to patient privacy, the need for screens or curtains blocking.

Pay attention to the standard operation, ensure curative effect.

1 Water Diversion

(1) water requirements

Should choose tap water, pure water or spring water, accord with GB 5749-2006?.

(2) water temperature

38-45 DEG C, such as a special constitution or suffering from the disease should choose to adapt to the temperature (such as patients with diabetic nephropathy).

(3) water

???? Water immersion in lower limbs after the water to Zusanli above is appropriate.

2 dosing

???? The medicine bag or bath liquid prepared in bath water.

3 bath

???? The recipients should be cleaning foot after operation by nurse to help test the water right, slowly immersed in the foot bath of lower limbs.

4 foot

??? leisure time set in the morning 9:00-12:00, evening 19:00-21:00. Each foot time should be within 40-120min.


Foot after operation with the help of nurse will double lower limbs with a soft towel to wipe clean.

Foot postprocessing

1. The amount of Mai Kang, rest, avoid chill.

2 equipment cleaning and disinfection of the foot.


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