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How to prevent kidney disease

2017-02-07 15:45

The clinical manifestations of kidney disease are: Patients with systemic edema, just started on the face, then all over the body, can appear swollen degree; patients with high blood pressure, there will be severe hematuria phenomenon, so how to kidney patients nursed back to health, reduce the risk of nephropathy onset, then we will from life, sports and the diet was introduced several methods of health care.

Enough rest

Kidney patients should pay attention to rest. To ensure the quality of sleep in patients with, to ensure eight hours of sleep every day, half an hour before going to their feet with hot water or hot bath, can effectively improve the sleep quality of patients, before going to bed to avoid tea, coffee, refreshing drinks, but also should not eat food, sleep quality. Patients in bed, sleep and sleep can allow more blood to the kidneys, so more conducive to the recovery of kidney disease.

Proper forging

Patients with kidney disease to moderate exercise. The prevalence of relatively mild nephropathy or stable patients, recommend appropriate exercise, doctor or family should be encouraged to actively participate in outdoor activities, take a walk after dinner, walking and jogging, Tai Chi is an excellent choice, or to help the family to do the household chores, these exercises are helpful to kidney disease rehabilitation, warm that, in exercise or work, do not act with undue haste, should be gradual, with the premise of his comfort to complete, to avoid other risks from excessive toil and violent movement.

Diet to adjust

Kidney disease patients to develop good eating habits. Patients should taste light not hardcore, the patient's diet should be mainly light, avoid eating too much pepper and other spicy spicy food, daily drinking smoking habits of patients, but also to pay attention to, look for other health instead of alcohol, adjusting the diet, the diet should be with egg, milk and pork quality protein based seasonal fruits, vegetables to eat, in addition, oral amino acids, can effectively prevent the malnutrition of patients.a

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