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which is the three Soybean Milk should not drink? Let's take a look at it.

2017-02-09 15:40

Drink Soybean Milk benefits, a lot of people in the choice of breakfast, do some delicious Soybean Milk, healthy food is not suitable for human consumption, these three types of people will not eat Soybean Milk life insurance, which is the three Soybean Milk should not drink? Let's take a look at it.

Which three kinds of people are not suitable for drinking milk

Soy milk is a favorite drink, but experts said that for some patients with disease, drink soy milk should be cautious.

Soybean Milk rich in high quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin E and dietary fiber and other nutrients, and contains lecithin, oligosaccharides, and isoflavones, plant sterols and other phytochemicals.

Although milk rich in nutrition, but also should not drink. Poor gastrointestinal function, kidney disease, gout patients to drink or not drink.

Beans have a certain amount of oligosaccharides, can cause hiccups, bloating and other symptoms, so gastrointestinal function is not good people to drink Soybean Milk.

At the same time, not acute gastritis and superficial gastritis eat soy products, so as not to stimulate gastric acid hypersecretion or aggravate the disease caused by flatulence.

Acute gastritis and superficial gastritis patients should not eat soy products, so as not to stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid exacerbations.

Low protein diet is one of the principles of patients with kidney disease, high protein will increase the burden on the kidneys. For patients with kidney disease, the daily intake of protein is limited, should be the main source of animal protein. Soy milk is rich in vegetable protein, so not too much food.

Soy is rich in purine substances, gout is a purine metabolic disorder caused by disease. The purine is a hydrophilic material, Soybean Milk curds, purine content than other soy products several times higher, so the gout patients should drink less Soybean Milk.

Read the above said the poor gastrointestinal function, kidney disease, gout patients, these three types of people can not drink soy milk, you may not know, there are some unknown soy milk taboo, may wish to take a look at.

Soy milk, although high nutrition, but it is not perfect. Often drink Soybean Milk and There are both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the taboos to drink milk.


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