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How to eat melon?

2017-02-09 15:49

Usually eat melon is to take off the skin, eat melon, melon skin and to realize this function, then the melon skin has what effect? How to eat melon? The next Xiaobian to introduce the method of edible melon skin.

Don't lose it actually can be used to treat skin white gourd nephropathy

Melon skin is of no use to exist in the eyes of many people, often as garbage. If you do, that is completely mistaken, melon skin because function very much, eat melon skin can also be used in the treatment of kidney disease, we don't waste wax gourd skin. Want to know the melon skin approach Daquan and melon skin water boiling effect? Let's take a look at it.

Melon taste sweet, nutritious, and cheap, so it is very popular, but you need to know is that compared to the melon, melon skin is more of a baby. Melon yield is high, which can be everywhere. So cheap. From middle school to high school graduation, the canteen is the most common vegetable melon. When do not know, is a good medicine taste of melon.

Melon itself every day to eat medicine, but the effect is not good, is a rare white gourd peel. Melon skin good hard, eat melon to peel, otherwise you can't entrance. Eat melon, exocarp collection cut, dry spare.

White gourd peel can heat the water swelling. The treatment of edema, urination, diarrhea, sores and other diseases. Chinese medicine dialectical, a card can correspond to many diseases. For example, edema can be caused by kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes. Melon has a very good diuretic effect, caused by kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes edema can be applied.

1 treatment of nephritis, dysuria, systemic edema

Melon skins, watermelon rind, rhizome 20 grams, corn heart 15 grams, 90 grams of red bean. Water decoction, 1 times 3 points.

2 acute nephritis edema, dysuria

Melon skins, watermelon, corn 25 grams, red bean 50 grams, water decoction 3 times a day, and even served 10~15 agent.

3 kinds of cough

Wax gourd skin 15 grams, a little honey. Water decoction. Note that the melon and melon skin cold, spleen deficiency diarrhea easily with caution; chronic illness with syndrome of cold limbs were cut, due to malnutrition and puffy clothing.

More than 4 of diabetes, urine (diabetes)

White gourd peel, Ophiopogon japonicus 30~60 grams, Coptis 3~9 grams, Shuijianbi, 1 2~3 times a day.

5 edema, abdominal distension, dysuria (kidney disease, heart disease)

White gourd peel 60~90 grams (fresh double), boiled soup, 1 2~3 times (the juice doses, no side effects).

If the above explanation of melon skin, you don't fully understand it, also never mind, then continue to look down, the following will introduce melon skin to eat.

Melon skin approach

Preserved egg white gourd soup

Material Science

Melon, preserved egg, salt, green onion.


1, melon peeled and cut into small pieces, add water into the pot to cook. Friends of the high requirements of soup can be used to boil the soup ribs.

2, melon semi soft add chopped preserved egg.

3, when the soup again add a little salt, green onion is good. Do not add MSG, preserved egg is very fresh.

Summary: through the introduction, I believe we already know what is the melon skin to eat, know what is the melon skin effect, we can make reasonable use of melon skin health.


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