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How to avoid this mistake

2017-02-10 13:53

How to avoid this mistake

Kidney disease is divided into two kinds of kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, and the principle of different treatment conditions used is also different, so in order to better direct the focus, we must understand his kidney condition, then the "disease" drug, in order to achieve the ideal effect of tonifying kidney.

In addition, many people feel that kidney disease is mostly a man thing, and women have little relationship, but in fact is wrong. Therefore, in the daily whether male or female should pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney. In addition, kidney disease is not the patent of the elderly, young people do not ignore the importance of kidney conservation.

Many people take medicine of tonifying kidney to kidney, but the three drug, medication by kidney but will increase the burden on the kidney, the kidney is not conducive to the maintenance, so do not abuse drugs, food choices. But, maybe not tonic, tonic overdose.

Summary: to teach you a few simple this coup, hope everybody can pay attention to, and in the daily nourishing matters, but also avoid misunderstanding!


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