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The importance of kidney deficiency

2017-02-12 10:42

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate, is the root of human reproductive development, organ function of the original motive force. The essence of kidney function from it can be divided into two aspects of yin and yang. Kidney yin and Yang is interdependent, maintain the dynamic balance of human body. When the balance is destroyed, there will be the pathological changes of yin and Yang piansheng or partial failure, and this is what we usually say of kidney deficiency.

The majority of patients with kidney deficiency and sub health patients can not be distinguished in the treatment, they have similar symptoms. Their definitions are abstract, and they are all determined by a set of symptoms. The difference is that the concept of kidney deficiency for a long time, some organic diseases are often included.

There are a variety of kidney deficiency, kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency in the most common.

Kidney yin deficiency, manifested as skin itching, insomnia, mouth parched and tongue scorched, feelings of irritability, soreness of waist and knee, hand and foot fever, dizziness and other symptoms of tinnitus. In addition, women will appear less by constipation, or even amenorrhea etc..

Kidney yang deficiency, showed pale or dark, waist and knee pain, lassitude, cold limbs, chills afraid of wind, diarrhea, body swelling etc.. In addition, women will appear infertility, enuresis, edema, low libido and other symptoms.

Kidney is not equal to the traditional Chinese medicine refers to the kidney and renal failure in modern medicine refers to the kidney is not the same thing, and not only kidney kidney failure, yin and Yang Qi weak, and not as so serious and life-threatening kidney failure.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine holds that the kidney stores essence. Fine is a basic material for human life, but also a material foundation for the growth of various functional activities of the viscera. The kidney essence is enough is strong, the viscera function, kidney disease will gradually weaken vitality, hit.

Kidney is the first clear kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang or deficiency of kidney qi is the key. Therefore, the kidney must find a correct diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Generally speaking, yin deficiency mostly blush, fanre. Drug kidney Yin is more sweet and cold medicine, such as Dendrobium, polygonatum, Cornus officinalis, medlar, ginseng, Chinese medicine is the Six Ingredient Rehmannia pill.

Yang is afraid of the cold, cold limbs, pale. Kidney Yang drugs is a hot medicine, such as aconite, cinnamon, antler, traditional Chinese medicine is represented by the jinkuishenqiwan.


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