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the main measures to solve the recurrence of kidney disease

2017-02-12 10:44

The occurrence and development of any disease, the causes and factors. However, what is the cause of kidney disease patients, after our investigation, the results can not imagine. Because for a kidney disease, if get rid of the causes, to block the source of the disease, the illness is good half, even cure! Unfortunately, the large number of kidney patients around the doctor for several years, did not even know the main cause of their disease is what?! Even mistakenly believe that kidney disease is due to colds, fatigue, infection, the use of nephrotoxic drugs and other reasons, in fact, cold, fatigue, inflammation and other factors such as kidney induced and aggravated. So what is the root cause of kidney disease? We found that the main cause of the disease is the disturbance of internal environment and immunity, which is also a person's ability to adapt to the outside world or internal environment. Only when a person does not adapt to the environment, the internal environment changes, effects of systemic immune system changes, in the course of time lead to immune dysfunction, which eventually leads to the imbalance of yin and Yang, riddled with problems, this is the Chinese say "keep healthy, do not be evil; up by the evil, the gas will be empty." Some people may ask, polycystic kidney disease as a genetic disease, it is also the cause of immune disorders? The answer is yes! Clinically, we found that polycystic kidney families, their children are all with polycystic kidney genetic genes, but not everyone. Even found polycystic kidney disease, immune function due to personal differences, are very different to the progression of the disease, some elderly only found in polycystic kidney, some only at the age of more than and 20 has been developed to renal failure and uremia. Therefore, to restore the normal immune function of the body, will be a prerequisite for the recovery of kidney disease, but also the main measures to solve the recurrence of kidney disease.

Found illness

Through a large number of clinical research, we found that patients with kidney disease usually do not know anything, until the discovery of kidney disease, began to pay attention to, the kidney has entered the late stage. This is due to kidney disease onset and early stage without any uncomfortable feeling, and has strong ability of renal compensatory renal damage to the body, when only 75% or more discomfort, so the clinical early detection is not easy. Wait until the kidney has entered the renal failure, uremia, symptoms tend to recurrent nausea and vomiting, cramps, and mouth odor of ammonia, pruritus and so on are common symptoms, patients often do not consider nephropathy, even many clinicians in accordance with the digestive system diseases, blood diseases or cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, etc. for treatment, found little effect or worse to conduct a comprehensive inspection in the treatment after a period of time when the diagnosis of kidney disease, but then nephropathy has entered late, that is to say when the patients feel when the condition is very serious, and the consequences of the disease is fatal, so clinically referred to as "gentle killer".


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