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How to Treat Kidney Shrink Caused by Kidney Failure

2017-03-01 22:03
How to treat Kidney Shrink Caused by ”Kidney Failure”? Actually, some people still think that kidney shrink and kidney failure are the same disease. While they are different and the treatment for them should be more careful. Call for ”ONLINE DOCTOR”.


Does kidney shrink have the same meaning of kidney failure?

Kidney failure is a kind of pathological condition caused by parts or the whole kidney function lost. It can be divided into two styles according to its acute and chronic.

Kidney shrink refers to kidney size is smaller or has obvious shrink according to their age, gender and height,weight. Long term kidney disease cause to kidney units especially for glomerular damage make kidney shrink.

There are many diseases are caused by kidney function lost, and many symptoms are almost the same, renal shrink and renal failure happens almost at the same time. But renal shrink and renal failure is not the same, renal failure is clinical syndrome, usually caused by chronic kidney disease, it is because long term of kidney function reduction. While kidney shrink is a symptoms of kidney starts shrinking. Kidney failure is not renal shrink. Renal shrink caused by renal failure.

How to treat kidney shrink caused by kidney failure?

For this kind of disease, we know that kidney shrink is due to kidney failure, so that the treatment should be keep focus on kidney failure. What are the common treatments for kidney failure? ”Dialysis” or kidney transplant. While now I will tell you some other treatments which will help kidney failure patients repair kidney damage and then restore kidney function to control development of kidney shrink.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osomtherapy and ”Stem Cell Therapy” are two kinds of effective treatments for kidney failure. They can supplement red blood cells( blood or nutrition) for kidneys to stop shrinkage of kidneys. Of course kidney failure can be controlled well at the same time to prevent dialysis and kidney transplant.

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