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How to Improve Kidney Function for Creatinine 11.7 Patients w

2017-03-01 22:01
How to Improve Kidney Function for ”Creatinine” 11.7 patients without ”Dialysis”? My father creatinine 11.70, is there any way without dialysis can improve his kidney function now? Call for ”ONLINE DOCTOR”.


From a medical point of view, consider about the life safety of your father, if his complications and symptoms are serious now that dialysis is necessary for him. Without dialysis should be consider after illness condition stable.

So what can help creatinine 11.7 without dialysis treatment?

As long as illness condition stale there will have great chance for patients to have a treatment without dialysis.

First, we know about that, creatinine 11.7 means kidneys were damaged extremely severe at present. So that there must have so many toxins which can not discharged out of body. That will increase the illness condition even have life risk. So that this kind of patients need a quickly way to help him eliminate some parts of toxins in blood to prevent further damage on kidneys. After that they can take Chinese medicine treatment to help improve kidney function without dialysis.

What is the treatment which can improve kidney function for creatinine 11.7 patients?

”Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy” and a series of Chinese medicine treatments are good at help patients with severe kidney damage to restore kidney function.

First step is clean toxins in blood to make medicine get into kidney lesion directly. Second step it use effective medicine treat disease from root to repair damage on kidneys. Third step is supplement necessary nutrition and blood for kidneys to help them restore kidney function effectively.

Furthermore, this kind of treatment is also considered as one of the alternative treatment for dialysis in recently years.

Leave us a message or send us an email to get more information about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Chinese medicine treatments replace dialysis. We will try our best to help you.


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