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Drinking Chinese herbal medicine while it hot? Beware of six

2017-03-27 16:46
Look at the ancient drama, we often hear that "medicine a good cook, to drink hot", and is not you think of Chinese medicine to drink hot, in fact, some Chinese medicine hot drink but no effect, so we should actively avoid drinking Chinese medicine taboo!
Drinking Chinese herbal medicine while it hot? Beware of six taboos!
There are three kinds of temperature about Chinese medicine decoction to drink: warm, hot and cool.
Warm drink
The Chinese medicine is taken at a warm temperature
after taking the decoction. The general Chinese medicine should be taken as it "warm", that is immediately filtrating the water after the drug decoction was boiled.
Drinking until the temperature is 30 to 37 ℃; the traditional Chinese medicine pill or powder type should be taken with warm water.
Hot drink
Some drugs need to drink when it is hot or with hot water, these medicines are generally used in cold syndrome, that is to drink the medicine decoction as soon as it is dococted. In the common cold syndrome, such as traditional Chinese medicine of divergent wind chill should be taken hot, and can eat hot rice porridge, hot water to help the effect.
Cold drink
Some Chinese herbal medicines have no effect until it iscold. That is to don't dring the decoction until it is cold decoction. In generally, these medicines are for detoxication and clear heat, especially in the summer for heatstroke, so that the effect of "cold drink" is better.
Six taboo of drinking traditional Chinese medicine 
Acrid food
When drink Chinese medicine, we must pay attention in the diet to avoid spicy food, these foods have the effect of open Yang and tonifying stomach. If excessive consumption is easy to have phlegm and fire, scattered qi and consumpting blood, so the diet is only suitable for cold syndrome disease, and is not suitable for Yin dificiency and yang excess, blood trouble, febrile disease, hemorrhoids, carbuncle furuncle patients etc.. Such foods include onions, garlic, leeks, ginger, wine, pepper, etc.. For example, pepper is hot, if the patient with fever, constipation, urine short red, mouth thirst, dry lips, sore throat, epistaxis, red tongue eat, will aggravate the symptoms of "fire" to offset the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood and nourishing Yin drugs, so heat syndrome patients can not eat pepper when treated with Chinese medicine.
Fish food
Fishy foods also need to pay attention to avoid eating, otherwise it may affect the body health, such food is cold and salty fishy, and contain isomerism protein, easy to cause allergic reactions, eat more easily hurt the stomach and cause disease, so the spleen and stomach damage patient should not eat, especially allergies. This kind of food is fish, carp, fish, clams, shrimp, crab,  catfish, and sardines, fish, crabs, yellow Bullacta most likely to cause allergies. Fishy foods are volatiles.
Fermentation food
Generally fermentation food will worsen promote disease, so when we eat Chinese medicine it is better not to eat formentation foods, these foods are dynamic wind,  productin phlegm and helping fire, as a different choose degree of drugs with different disease, the fermentation is also different. These foods are mushrooms,  bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, cock meat, meat and PigHead sows and so on. Such as patients with hyperactivity of liver Yang, liver wind stirring were forbidden to eat cock meat, PigHead meat.
Cold food
When taking Chinese traditional medicine, we must be careful not to eat cold food, otherwise it will affect the health of body, such foos is cold, a major role is for clearing heat and resolving thirst, therefore it is suitable for heat syndrome disease. But it is easy to affect gastrointestinal function, so deficiency-cold constitution and gastrointestinal disease are betaboo. Such as white radish is cold, has the functions of digestion, reducing phlegm, regulating qi.
Greasy food
We also need to pay attention to the greasy food, it is best not to eat, not digest, damage the spleen and stomach, this kind of food include animal fat and fried hard solid food. Oily damage the spleen and stomach, where exogenous disease and jaundice, diarrhea as taboo. Fried, fried food, dry hard material, is not easy to digest, gastrointestinal disease and "lit" diet.
Sour food
When taking Chinese traditional medicine, we need to pay attention to avoid eating sour foods,which will stimulate the stomach, so hyperchlorhydria, gastric ulcer patients are fasted. Astringent, mostly contain tannin. Such as tea contains tannins, and higher content of strong tea, taking with Chinese herbal medicine at the same time, can be combined with some proteins, alkaloids, heavy metal salt in Chinese herbal medicine to produce precipitate, which can affect the active ingredients of drugs, and the absorption of nutrients such as protein also has effect. Therefore, when taking medicine, generally should not take tea.
In the traditional Chinese medicine, we must pay attention to these taboos. Do not take it wrong, or it will not cure our disease. There may be more serious illness, and even hurt our health, I hope everyone can seriously understand, I wish you a happy life!

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