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How to treat the immune system with kidney disease

2017-01-14 09:56

How to treat the immune system with kidney disease and keep the body healthy

The following article describes how the innate immune system and the backup immune system function to keep the body healthy.

The innate immune system response depends on a large number of immune cells including phagocytic and killer cells. Phagocytic cells can be affected by phagocytosis and digestion. Killer cells can also break down or crack larger pathogenic foreign bodies, can not be swallowed up by the fragmentation of the phagocytic cells or smaller particles are easy to swallow the phagocytic cells. In this way, the blood and cells of these pathogens can be cleaned and maintained in a clean environment within the blood and tissues.

In addition to the innate immune system of these types of immune cells, it also includes megakaryocytes, mast cells and antigen presenting cells, as well as cells and cells. These immune cells together form a complete and well-cooperative congenital system to maintain human health.

However, if the amount exceeds the pathology of the innate immune system, the ability of the innate immune system to defense the innate immune system decline, the human suffering from disease. At that time, the reserve immune system activated cooperation with the innate immune system to defeat pathogens.

After a period of time to work together, foreign pathological material will be completely eliminated. Therefore, the human body to restore normal condition, known as the body's self-healing ability.

When the body returns to normal, the standby immune system returns to the resting state and the dependence of the innate immune system on the work of the body, which is known as immune restriction of the human body.

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