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“ Remove Blood Pollution” Therapy

2017-01-14 09:57

Remove Blood Pollution which means treat the disease from the blood not the kidneys. Since the kidneys problem due to the pollution of our blood, so we don’t start from repairing renal lesions, but start from the patients’ unhealthy blood contaminated with toxin and harmful substance. This therapy is specialized in removing the toxin and harmful substances on vascular walls and blood vessels so as to effectively restore original hematopoietic and blood circulation mechanism of the patients so as to cure kidney disease.

The advantages of removing blood pollution therapy:

1. Clear and Definite Treating direction

Kidney experts focus on the contaminated blood, aims to recover the kidneys function through to restore the physiological mechanism and hemopoietic system of human body.

 2. Flexible Treatment Schedule

The doctors adjust the treatment schedule in accordance with the changes of patients’ illness condition timely.

 3. Various treating methods

During the therapeutic process,

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