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2017-01-14 10:57

traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine therapy to treat kidney disease from to repair kidney inherent cells, "disease" before treatment, the treatment of new pattern.

Nephritis if you look for western medicine to see which hospital can, because western medicine treatment of nephritis is no better way, are all symptomatic treatment, only to get better not go to the root, so to see in the national kidney disease, Seattle grace mercy west hospital drugs are the same, just charge is different. To cure the disease to the root, you have to find in the treatment of this disease has national recognition of national scientific research drugs. Special treatment of the disease of traditional Chinese medicine, not general of Chinese medicine, because only the national scientific research of TCM are processed by special processing of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicines and the general, in the treatment of all kinds of kidney disease have a certain credibility and effectiveness. And let you spend relatively little expense the disease treatment. This is the hard truth, as long as you have now difficult to treat kidney disease or nephritis, western medicine is no good way to. So give the patient has a big psychological pressure. Actually kidney nephritis, as long as the medicine symptomatic, most after three to six months treatment of science are will be fine. General won't relapse.

Micro Chinese medicine osmosis therapy: micro chemical infiltration therapy of TCM, which is one of the characteristic therapy in shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, it is the core technology of superfine grinding effective prescription to treat kidney disease, the purpose is to fully release the effective ingredients of medicines and mix. Then with the aid of effective penetrant and osmosis devices, by topical way, will be effective drugs into the renal lesion, achieve the goal of effective treatment for kidney disease.

Therapy meaning: the meaning of micro refers to traditional Chinese medicine processing method is crushed and decoction. We make a new processing method, make powder finer, more easy to absorb, solid called, is essentially a more subtle. Of course, for specific processing methods, for the purpose to protect the hospital is no longer a detailed explanation.

Permeability refers to the meaning of the hospital in shaping our characteristic treatment, the effective use of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. But over the years, because of the traditional Chinese medicine external treatment there is always a problem that is difficult to conquer, namely the amount of effective drug into the body actually amounted to less than ideal, so that people are in doubt the real effect of this therapy. To this end, our topical drug formula in the design, using a unique drug penetration method, to ensure that the topical drugs unique therapeutic effect. In order to highlight the particularity of this method, we introduce in therapy, highlighted the "penetration" two characters.

In micro Chinese medicine osmosis treatment design, fully absorb the western medicine at the forefront of technology both at home and abroad, thus make the Chinese medicine treatment theory obtained the very good interpretation. According to the theory of western medicine treatment for kidney disease currently on the international front, the onset of kidney theory has developed from histology theory to the theory of cytology, so the diagnosis of kidney disease, also is the elaboration from the clinical diagnosis for pathological diagnosis. For this purpose, the kidney of scientific diagnosis method is based on the cellular damage of cellular function damage situation analysis. The original kidney damage theory has become today's kidney inherent cells function damage, damage diagnosis theory. On this basis, the treatment of kidney disease, also became a stem of renal inherent cells to repair damaged inherent cells and renal function. And to repair kidney inherent cells, it is necessary to solve a problem, is to thoroughly remove kidney inherent cells damage, damage the culprit - kidney inherent cells of extracellular matrix.

Therapy: kidney leak urine protein and red cells, the main reason is that glomerular filtration membrane is damaged due to increase permeability. Like diabetic nephropathy but also for long-term high blood sugar in the body, causing renal microcirculation lesion, glomerular sclerosis, basement membrane damage and protein leakage.

In the past, usually only for the primary disease treatment, on the repair of glomerular filtration membrane is very poor. Therefore, even if the urine protein, for a period of reduced or even disappear, but the most fundamental cause no problem, glomerular filtration membrane is not fixed. After drug disappeared, or under some reasons inducing, urine protein how will simply disappear?

After treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, has the stronger pharmacological activity, it give full play to the traditional Chinese medicine treatment in bent points, make broken Chinese medicine chain effective link again, form new features at the same time. But also for the damaged glomerular basement membrane, remove immune complex deposition in the basement membrane and the diseased tissue, repair the damaged basement membrane. This method is mainly to repair kidney change genes and the damaged kidney cells, and activate the damaged tissue DNA replication in the cell, prompted the damaged kidney structure change, make the damaged kidney function restoration. So, after repair, because the fundamental cause of disease is to eliminate the invisible, urine protein will gradually reduce until disappear, disappear and this is with the removal of the etiology and disappear, so it is difficult to appear repeatedly, and certainly there is no rebound after drug withdrawal symptoms.

Immune six steps therapy

Immune diagnosis: immune diagnosis is around reflect kidney damage elements. Through the inspection diagnosis, find out the different renal damage caused by specific immune element, to determine treatment plan and the standard of drugs.

Immune clearance: immune clearance is the use of blood purification technology of harmful substances in the blood to the human body to clean up. This is actually a kind of blood purification technology, is specifically to purify the immune harmful elements in blood purification technology. Including hemodialysis and hemofiltration, immune adsorption and perfusion of blood, plasma exchange, blood lipid purification, biological filtration, leukocyte removal, etc.

Immune clearance has the following advantages: not only can effectively protect the kidney, reduce harmful substances in the blood of kidney damage. To prevent and reduce the toxic and harmful blood may lead to other organs and tissue damage. Especially avoid harmful immune elements the damage to the heart and brain, in order to reduce the occurrence of sudden death and brain failure probability, which is to avoid and reduce the complication of kidney. Because it is the leading causes of death in kidney disease.

For the effective treatment for kidney disease, improve the effectiveness of the drug effect and treatment provided a guarantee. Immune clearance or an effective advanced technology for the treatment of kidney disease.

Immune block: because the hair cause of disease is kidney kidney caused by the ultra immune response. That is to say, the kidney is the excessive immune inflammation of the kidney. Kidney in ultra immune inflammatory reaction, because human body immunity decline will lead to destruction of the body's natural immune system. And after the body's natural immune system is damaged, the body's immune complexes will deposit in specific areas of the kidney.

The human body in order to remove this part of the immune complex, will start the body's immune inflammatory response system. Will mobilize the body's large amounts of inflammatory mediators in the kidney immune complex deposition area gathered, and inflammation reaction. Treatment method is: we choose potent immune reaction of drug, the ultra immune inflammation in the body to check first. Let the immune inflammation in the kidney area to stop, stop, the purpose of is forced to stop immune inflammation caused by kidney tissues and cells continue to damage.

Immune tolerance: the so-called immune tolerance, is to allow, tolerance and accept immune complex deposition in the kidney of that fact.

Immune tolerance treatment should be how to implement? Persist in kidney disease patients for long-term, sustained immune blocking treatment, to ensure the patient's body immune inflammation does not appear. To the patient is long-term, sustained, quantitative infusion of immunosuppressive drugs on a regular basis. Periodically every patient's immune inflammatory response, to see different repeat in patients with immune inflammatory reaction of different time, different degree. Regular testing of immune blocking immune complex changes in the process of treatment. To determine the immune blocking effects of treatment and natural immune system recovery.

What should pay attention to the problems in the process of immune tolerance to treat?

Kidneys at any stage, can implement the immune tolerance of treatment, can implement the immune block. As long as the implementation of immune block, can appear immune tolerance. These two kinds of treatment is tied. Immune tolerance and the innate immune system reconstruction coexist. As long as can guarantee long-term immune tolerance does not occur in the process of ultra immune inflammatory response, will certainly have a natural immune system to establish a miracle. Immune tolerance treatment technology is a very difficult to master the technology. Because, as long as immune tolerance exists, the possibility of inflammatory reaction to occur at any time. So, be sure to draw high attention.

Immunity: the deposition of immune complex to eduction body outside, but how to eliminate? We take the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This method of dispel of immune complex, is the chemical reaction way of western medicine, can't do instant effect. But need a long time, long-term medication process, make the human body healthy gradually recover, also is to gradually achieve the TCM holds that the establishment of a balance of Yin and Yang of the system. As a result of this process is very long, and is a process of gradual adjustment, so we only called the immunomodulatory therapy.

Immunomodulatory therapy indications: all patients with kidney disease, are indications of immunomodulatory therapy. As long as the adaptive immune block therapy patients, all in accordance with immunomodulatory therapy. The use of immunomodulatory drugs, must rotate more. Can't pegged to a kind of medicine has been used. Must be on the patients and medical treatment. Can't careless. To pay a return visit. At any time to solve problems in medicine.

Immune protection: not just because the hair cause of disease is kidney disease after the body's natural immune system is destroyed, caused by the ultra immune inflammatory response caused by the human body. Any diseases, especially all kinds of chronic diseases, for the same reason. In addition, all patients with chronic diseases, there is a common feature, is the natural immune system is damaged, not for a long time to rebuild and restore, causes the human body is always in the stage of adaptive immune system play a role. Immune protection therapy has the following points: the benefits of this treatment is a kind of no damage, no side effects of treatment technology. Only beneficial to human body, no pollution. The treatment technology is a source of maintenance to the human body. It not only can help the body recovery and reconstruction of natural immune system, also can make sure that the body's natural immune system is in good condition for a long time, no immunity decline phenomenon and results. Adapt to the wide range of immune protection therapy. All physical discomfort crowd are indications. In addition, there is one of the biggest characteristic, who is not willing to let the human innate immune system damage, is to adapt to this kind of therapy. Immune protection therapy to note the following points: attention to therapy and immune protection characteristics between immunomodulatory therapy, to facilitate our joint use. Immune protection technology is a wide range, long time of the available technology and means. Not only can be used in patients with healthy person also can be used. Only to patients with a large number of use, a moderate amount of health. Must attach great importance to the application of immune protection technology.

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