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curative effectof traditional Chinese medicine on Nephritis

2017-05-01 11:57
Nephritis is a common disease, most of which is due to low immunity, mainly because of inflammation caused by the inherent changes in kidney tissue caused by a disease. For nephritis, what should we use to treat it? Here to introduce, want to know friends can see.
What is the treatment of nephritis? The treatment of nephritis can be divided into general treatment, treatment, the etiology and pathogenesis of the complication and treatment of renal replacement therapy, four patients with general treatment, mainly in daily life, including avoiding fatigue, remove the infection and other incentives, avoid contact with toxic or renal toxicity, healthy life for example, smoking, daily exercise and control their emotion.
As well as healthy eating habits, the acute phase should be in bed, waiting for a better condition after the gradual increase in activity. Do not take too much salt in the acute period generally below 3G per day. If renal function is normal, there is no need to limit the intake of protein, but if there should be an appropriate restriction of protein intake, mainly animal protein. Oliguria should limit the amount of fluid intake.
These are some of the daily treatment of nephritis, then how to treat nephritis?
Mainly for acute nephritis or chronic nephritis, due to exogenous caused by chills and fever, swollen face, urine adverse, or always cough or wheezing. You can use the dandelion, forsythia, Radix Isatidis water usually drink. Add white gourd peel, coix seed, licorice to see if the heat dampness heat; high body temperature, sweating, throat congestion or purulent thirst, lips are red, yellow urine less tongue thin yellowish, floating pulse number, in addition to the original in Qingrejiedu medicine increased amount, plus burdock, cicada, shancigu, puffball to Qingrejiedu, swelling of the throat. If you see gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, the reuse of  Rhizoma imperatae, plus Herba cephalanoploris,  Ou Jie, paeonol, gardenia, also served with  granules curative effect.
These are the ways to relieve and treat nephritis in our daily life!

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