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Treatment of nephrotic syndrome can be a good way to cure th

2017-05-03 14:01

There are many ways to the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, then to introduce the common treatment of nephrotic syndrome in TCM, someone took a very nice name of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome in three steps. So, let's find out what kind of therapy is this fun.

Then we will introduce the treatment of nephrotic syndrome for the following methods: symptomatic treatment of nephrotic syndrome three steps

The treatment of nephrotic syndrome is mainly the application of traditional Chinese medicine to block the process of renal fibrosis, but in the process of its role, symptomatic treatment is particularly critical. Nephrotic syndrome progression to renal failure, there are three major factors: 1, high blood pressure; 2, proteinuria; 3, high blood lipids. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome:

Chinese medicine treatment of a symptomatic treatment of nephrotic syndrome: progression of nephrotic syndrome in hypertension will take control of hypertension, nephrotic syndrome, not good control will soon affect renal function and progression to renal insufficiency. So it is very important to control the first blood pressure of nephrotic syndrome, and it can reduce blood pressure and protect renal function. The glomerular disease in patients with blood pressure drop should not drop too much, because we know that changes in blood flow and blood pressure is very relevant. If blood pressure drops suddenly, blood loss can cause kidney damage. Of course, there are some effects of renal blood flow reduction of antihypertensive drugs can not be used.

Symptomatic treatment of nephrotic syndrome treatment two: reduce protein. Now know glomerular failure, glomerular sclerosis, in addition to blood pressure and glomerular, related protein and glomerular glomerulosclerosis inside the protein more, faster, faster process of renal failure. The drug should be used to reduce the pressure and reduce the protein. Protein is the most important in the treatment of diseases, immune inflammation treatment is good, the protein is reduced, because the protein is leaking holes, when the glomerular inflammation after treatment, so you can fix the vulnerability, the protein is reduced. But one of the most difficult problems is the treatment of glomerular inflammation.

Recommended Chinese medicine treatment of simple nephrotic syndrome chronic nephritis can cure? Better kidney disease hospital

There is a more important problem in the urine protein. The urine protein of patients, manifested as nephrotic syndrome. This kind of patient, before the ward met many families, often burn the chicken, turtle, hock to the patient tonic, in recent years, we all know, the high protein diet tonic less, but the patient will require doctors to give treatment of albumin infusion. It should be careful if inflammatory protein filler, this loophole is not patched in much more is missing, glomerularsclerosis faster, more is not good for renal function.

Treatment of nephrotic syndrome with traditional Chinese medicine three: nephrotic syndrome patients with nephrotic syndrome is often high blood lipids, and now found that high blood lipids in patients with nephrotic syndrome renal function is also impaired. So to use lipid-lowering drugs, diet should be manipulated to reduce the blood lipids, and then reduce the damage of kidney function, you can use some statins drugs, but it should be noted that a lot of lipid-lowering drugs have liver damage.

In conclusion, nephrotic syndrome is a refractory disease, but patients such as to prevent those unexpected kidney damage, and with medical treatment, take good care of the kidney, the kidney will do their own work, play its responsibilities, ensure the quality of life better master students.

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