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Interstitial nephritis to eat what medicine

2017-05-03 14:11
Interstitial nephritis to eat what drugs interstitial nephritis disease is a lot of patients are already very familiar with, at present, many patients are more concerned about the disease should eat what medicine to treat. This kind of disease is to have a lot of kinds, each kind of remedial method is different, when the patient is being treated, must special caution
Interstitial nephritis eat what medicine is good treatment effect and many patients are more concerned about, for interstitial nephritis patients, eat what medicine can reduce symptoms, on the one hand to control the clinical symptoms, prevent the aggravation of renal injury. If the urine is abnormal, you need to use diuretics, commonly used thiazide diuretics, if necessary, to diuretics. Calcium channel blockers may be added when the value of hypertension is still not satisfied. But potassium sparing diuretics and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, less urine should be used with caution, to prevent induced hyperkalemia.
Interstitial nephritis to eat what medicine for treatment of the cause of the damage
Based on the in-depth study of the pathological changes in the kidney of the Chinese traditional medicine holographic machine, according to the different pathological changes, grasp the key links to block the renal fibrosis, and carry out the omni-directional and multi-target treatment. It is by means of extracellular matrix vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, degradation, complete removal of immune complexes and hyperplasia, improve renal microcirculation, treatment process through the blood circulation, removing blood stasis, dredging, cleaning and repair of new "three processes to block and repair purposes.
Zhang reminded everyone, drug therapy for interstitial nephritis disease can not generalize, according to different conditions of patients, not only need to use western medicine to control symptoms, and the need to use traditional Chinese medicine active substance effectively blocking renal fibrosis and restore normal function recovery of patients.
Traditional Chinese medicine holographic intervention therapy from the "expansion of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, degradation," these four aspects of the repair of the damaged kidney inherent cells, so that the kidney returned to normal function. According to the causes of urinary protein and occult blood generation and process of holographic machine by intervention therapy through the four ways of impaired renal function for the repair and treatment of concrete.
Zhang also said that in the treatment of interstitial nephritis patients should also be aware of the type of disease and cause, this is very helpful to the cure of disease, chronic nephritis patients show hematuria or occult blood, that renal glomerular basement membrane showed transmural injury in the treatment of severe hematuria, such on the difficulty is very large, and easy to repeat, no special effects of Western medicine, Chinese medicine does not work immediately, so the progression of renal failure will appear quickly, or in a few years.
The characteristic of other nephritis is the pathological changes of the kidney in the kidney, so it is easy to form nephritis hypertension and renal failure. But even so, there will still be a large number of immune complex formation and accumulation, severe destruction of the glomerulus, the usual cell and its structure, the formation of glomerular sclerosis, complete loss of renal function

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