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Chronic interstitial nephritis can cure you

2017-05-03 14:24
Kidney is a lot of male friends are attached great importance to, suffering from chronic interstitial nephritis can cure it is we want to be clear, the treatment of kidney disease is very critical, this phenomenon has plagued the patient for a long time. We also slowly lost confidence in its treatment, but also worried that will lead to deterioration of the disease.
Due to the current treatment of kidney disease is a certain lack of methods, so many friends are very concerned about chronic interstitial nephritis can cure it. This disease must eat Chinese medicine to solve the disease, Chinese medicine also have to take more than 1 years, according to the medicine. Holographic therapy, pathogenesis of chronic interstitial nephritis is the lung kidney two empty, blood stasis, phlegm, heat and other diseases with, by invigorating lung and kidney, promoting blood circulation, Ruanjiansanjie, phlegm heat treatment method, can slow down the progress of the disease, relieve the clinical symptoms, such as reducing the shortness of breath. Improves lung function and blood oxygen pressure, so that patients can be physical activity, reduce the patient's mental pressure, so as to improve the quality of life. Enhance the immune system, reduce the number of colds, can prevent the deterioration of the disease caused by infection. If necessary, it can reduce the side effects of hormone and enhance the curative effect. Interstitial pneumonia must be clearly diagnosed.
For chronic interstitial nephritis can be cured Shijiazhuang red sun kidney hospital experts, the prognosis of early treatment of chronic nephritis is good, but the treatment of a hospital is not standardized, see is a chronic nephritis simply use of hormone therapy, there is no sense of kidney damage, symptoms fire that treatment is good, but I do not know the pathological damage in the internal deterioration of a step by step. Really want to complete treatment of nephritis, it must be in accordance with the norms, systemic treatment measures to step by step, the most important thing is to repair the inherent cells of the kidney and control of inflammation.
In the solution of chronic interstitial nephritis also can use features of TCM treatment for live kidney with live kidney cloud fire series of prescriptions, is a major breakthrough in the treatment of chronic nephritis, features of TCM treatment with cloud fire live kidney live kidney series of prescriptions, by regulating the immune function, repair of glomerular basement membrane, the effective components of drugs by acupuncture diffused into the kidneys and to renal collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, turbidity detoxification as the way, to clear the kidney, activation of renal function for the purpose. To promote and improve the microcirculation of kidney has accelerated atrophy and necrosis, renal lesions in the effective component of the medicine The new supersedes the old., give full play to the role of the repair of damaged glomeruli, enhanced glomerular reabsorption, restore the physiological function of normal kidney, treatment of chronic nephritis fundamentally.
To completely solve the chronic nephritis can be cured of the phenomenon, there must be targeted for treatment, functional restoration of its renal damage, achieve drainage, detoxification by their kidney function, chronic nephritis is a real sense of good. The modern Chinese medicine treatment on patients with chronic nephritis model in the specific implementation of treatment measures, due to the use of Chinese medicine treatment of kidney, gradually improve renal function, therefore, with the treatment, patients in the improvement of renal function continuously at the same time, the whole body will be gradually improved, patients with chronic nephritis clinical symptoms improved day by day, until the restore health.

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