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Relationship between Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis and

2017-05-05 18:17

Purpura nephritis is allergic purpura in the last type, which is the most important one, which occurs due to the previous type (Dan Chunxing, joint type, gastrointestinal type) repeatedly, time does not heal, evil invading the kidney, and renal involvement performance.

Because the patient body kidney qi deficiency, evil filled, and no treatment or improper treatment, make the toxin further to the kidney, kidney failure in urine can be taken, the emergence of a large number of proteins, red blood cell and tube type. The treatment should focus on the training of congenital, tonifying qi and promoting blood circulation as the principle, so that the damaged kidney tissue can be repaired, to restore its normal function, so that it will no longer leak protein, red blood cells and tube type.

Drug reusing, Cornus kidney yin, and astringent hemostatic, yam, radix, dodder, eucommia bark, dipsacus root, Achyranthes kidney tonic, diuretic swelling to improve renal function, and add Astragalus Qi spleen, diuretic swelling, has a protective effect on renal tissue, and can reduce the protein discharge, increasing protein the synthesis rate, reduce the rate of decomposition, so as to improve the level of plasma protein. Add 37, weed, pollen, Rhizoma imperatae huayuzhixue, to reduce kidney blood stasis. Through a series of treatment, complete recovery of renal excretion function, so that the protein and hematuria gradually returned to normal, and thus completely cure purpura nephritis.



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