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The treatment of pyelonephritis: what should pyelonephritis

2017-05-05 18:37

Pyelonephritis is a common inflammatory disease of the kidney, which belongs to the upper urinary tract infection. Pyelonephritis is mainly frequent micturition, urgency and dysuria, bring great distress to patients, many people will ask, what is the treatment of pyelonephritis?

What should the treatment of pyelonephritis notice?

1 pay attention to salt intake. No matter what kind of kidney disease, there will be symptoms of edema, so to control the amount of salt intake, reduce the body water and sodium retention, to help reduce edema and blood pressure. So obvious edema, the daily intake of salt to be below 1g or salt free diet. Like pickles, pickled cabbage, meat, seafood, salted egg and other salty foods to avoid.

2 pay attention to the choice of fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, can enhance the body's immune system, eat more help to restore the body. However, if the urine volume of patients with pyelonephritis is not normal (less than 500ml per day) is not the choice of high potassium fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, celery, corn, tomatoes, bitter gourd, seaweed, bamboo shoots, spinach, etc..

Recommended therapeutic pyelonephritis

1 kelp mung bean soup. Pyelonephritis is a kind of inflammation, and the performance is reduced urine volume, kelp mung bean is a benign food, help to diminish inflammation and urination.

2 white gourd soup. The 500g melon peeled seeded and 1 carp (about 250g) washed, boiled soup can, can alleviate the symptoms.

3 lotus seed soup 61. This soup with white gourd soup has the same effect, but the practice is very simple, is to 60g the lotus seeds to the heart, and 10g with licorice soup, add sugar to.

The above is the introduction of the treatment of pyelonephritis, pyelonephritis can lead to severe renal insufficiency, for patients with renal insufficiency, diet should pay special attention to reduce the risk of exacerbations.

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