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What are the limitations of IgA nephropathy and how to diagn

2017-05-05 19:02

The disease is more common in older children and young people, the ratio of male to female ratio of 2: 1, before the onset of many of the causes of upper respiratory tract infection, but also by diarrhea, urinary tract infections and other reports. Diversity of clinical manifestations, from microscopic hematuria to nephrotic syndrome, can be a manifestation of the onset, the clinical manifestations can also change in the course of the disease, but in the course of its clinical manifestations can be transformed.

80% children IgA nephropathy hematuria was the first symptom, occurrence rate is higher than the North American and European Asia, often associated with upper respiratory tract infections (Berger disease); and the interval of upper respiratory tract infection in a very short time (24 ~ 72h), even a few hours after hematuria, and there tonsillar enlargement, tonsillectomy the majority of patients with hematuria after cessation of seizures.

There are also some children with hematuria and proteinuria, at this time hematuria can be both paroxysmal hematuria, microscopic hematuria can also be. For mild to moderate proteinuria.

Nephrotic syndrome as a manifestation of IgA nephropathy accounted for about 15% to 30%, "three high and one low" performance, before the onset of respiratory tract infection is often less

There are also some cases of nephritic syndrome, in addition to hematuria, as well as hypertension, renal insufficiency. High blood pressure was found in older adults, adult accounted for 20%, children only 5%. High blood pressure is an important sign of the deterioration of IgA nephropathy, and most of them are accompanied by rapid deterioration of renal function. Less than 5% of patients with IgA nephropathy manifested as acute nephritis.

Older children with recurrent hematuria, and upper respiratory or intestinal infections cause this disease should be considered; showed simple hematuria or hematuria or with moderate proteinuria, also should be suspected of IgA nephropathy, renal biopsy as soon as possible. In nephrotic syndrome, acute nephritis syndrome, hypertension and renal insufficiency manifested, also should consider this disease, diagnosis depends on renal biopsy. And other diseases that can cause the deposition of IgA in the mesangial cells.


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