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How to judge oneself suffer from chronic nephritis

2017-05-05 19:09

Diagnosis of chronic nephritis

1, slow onset, persistent disease, clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis can be light weight, or when light weight. With the development of the disease, patients with chronic nephritis may have renal dysfunction, anemia, electrolyte disorders, etc..

2, patients with chronic nephritis may have edema, hypertension, proteinuria, hematuria and urinary tract, such as the performance of a kind (such as hematuria or proteinuria) or a number of species. The clinical manifestations are diverse, and sometimes patients with chronic nephritis may be accompanied by nephrotic syndrome or severe hypertension.

3, the course of disease in patients with chronic nephritis can have acute attacks, often due to infection (such as respiratory tract infection) induced, the onset of a similar acute nephritis. Some of the symptoms of chronic nephritis can be automatically alleviated, some cases of exacerbations.

4, urine examination abnormal urine is the basic sign of chronic nephritis. Proteinuria is the main basis for the diagnosis of chronic nephritis, urine protein in 1~3g/d, urinary sediment can be seen in the tube and transparent tube type. Hematuria is generally lighter or not, but in the acute attack, microscopic hematuria or microscopic hematuria may occur.


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