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Nephrotic syndrome can be cured Expert get a doctor and trea

2017-05-08 10:45

Recently, a serious illness after 80 girls 3 years of 3 doctoral degree in 3 foreign languages, the news so many people silently praise. The little girl was born in 1984 in Ningbo orange child suffering from nephrotic syndrome, only lying in the bed by hemodialysis to maintain renal function, but now she is The University of Nottingham Ningbo Bachelor of international trade, business administration and master of laws and administrative management, as well as the Zhejiang University and the three major international trade, more commendable is that she has mastered English, Japanese and India in 3 languages.

According to reports, a small orange suffering from nephrotic syndrome, but after the college entrance examination, the condition did not repeat again, small orange once thought himself out of the pain of torture. After graduating from college, small orange because of taking cold medicine and re induced a juvenile disease, the local hospital diagnosed as renal failure.

In order to maintain renal function, she must go to the hospital every 4 hours on Tuesday, four, six hours of hemodialysis. Each time the pain of the disease, often will continue until after the next blood to disappear. But small orange is very optimistic, adhere to the study, actively cooperate with the treatment. At present the treatment of small orange is very good, has begun to seek a kidney transplant.

Nephrotic syndrome can cure you

Department of Nephrology, experts said, nephrotic syndrome is a disease of different life "is the same disease, nephrotic syndrome, some patients are easily cured, and no recurrence, but this is seldom.

Nephrotic syndrome can be cured, depends on many factors: first, the type of disease itself, two is the child and the parents of the treatment of the degree of cooperation. Because the nephrotic syndrome is not a single disease, it is a kind of disease, the pathological diagnosis was "minimal change" with the best prognosis, the prognosis for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis "worst. Children with minimal change 90%-95% were effective for the first time, but 85% of them relapsed. In the first year is more common than after. That is to say, most children with nephrotic syndrome in the onset of 1-2 years will experience a relapse, but some of the frequent, some not frequent, as well as the hormone dependence or resistance, that is, resistance. If a child 3-4 years without recurrence, then there will be a 95% chance of recurrence. The development of minimal change is less than that of uremia, and most of them died from severe side effects of infection or hormone or immunosuppressive drugs.

Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic disease, if children and parents do not pay attention to accept the scientific treatment standard, excessive fear of side effects of hormone, superstitious remedies, Chinese herbal medicine and recipe, do not comply with the doctor's advice to take medicine, referral, do not pay attention to proper diet and daily life care, is more easy to relapse, more difficult to cure!

Nephrotic syndrome will affect the child's future fertility? Experts said that if the nephrotic syndrome was cured, is generally not affected after marriage and family.

However, the small orange in the university because of taking cold medicine and cause a relapse, into renal failure. It is understood that kidney transplantation is currently the best way to treat kidney failure, because the kidney transplanted to the patient's body can almost completely replace the already exhausted kidney function, so that patients live a normal life. It is not so easy but to find a suitable kidney.

In general, the kidney may be a source of family, spouse, close friends or brain death and signed the consent of organ donation. Of course, the most matched kidneys usually come from the recipient's siblings, because they have the greatest potential for genetic cooperation.

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