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Where is the origin of renal failure?

2017-01-24 16:51

What is kidney failure, kidney failure is the failure of kidney function, the general evaluation of renal function. Renal failure sometimes refers to a variety of chronic kidney disease, sometimes referred to as kidney function can not fully meet the needs of the human body.
1, emotional hurt
Long term emotional discomfort, anxiety rage, liver qi, liver qi stagnation, the triple burner is not smooth, a Hengni and grams of spleen, liver spleen disharmony, the spleen and the water wet flood a blockage of Qi, Qi and blood circulation can occur adverse, qi stagnation and blood stasis, liver or long, Yu and fire. Liver kidney yin deficiency of liver and kidney caused burns.
2, the rule of error treatment
Such as in the treatment of primary disease, treatment is not proper, prolonged or false investment goods in the bitter cold injury of stomach, spleen, spleen yang and kidney yang weakness, or false investment hot, injury Tianjin consumption of Yin, kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency caused further or only pay attention to treatment of renal disease, and neglect the kidney kidney damage caused by conditioning, or with toxic drugs
Injury to the spleen and kidney, resulting in spleen lose health and transportation, renal failure gasification, water wet block, Turbid Toxin endogenous.
3, Fanlao excessive
Long engaged in heavy manual labor, excessive fatigue, injury of spleen and kidney and excessive, early education, kidney damage, kidney yang deficiency, decline of vital gate fire, the fire is not warm, spleen kidney two empty. The spleen is not food vomiting, kidney deficiency is not of Qi, damp diffuse, spread his dirty, finally lost all five organs.
4, the diet is not
Improper diet include overeating, long-term hunger, junk food, excessive drinking, will damage the spleen and stomach, which pass the water valley, subtle metaplasia, have affected blood function. If the long-term damage to the spleen and stomach, will lead to insufficient sources of blood, the day after tomorrow is not sufficient to raise the innate, so the kidney is also damaged kidney injury is the loss of support of the waist, the gasification of water is unfavorable, so see low back pain
In addition, edema disease, Qi deficiency of the spleen and stomach, eating is not subtle, anti damp. The damp congestion, righteousness shall not lift, and vomiting and urinary obstruction.
5, external evil invasion
In the cold reality fighting, stomach disharmony, stomach Shangni, inhibition of small intestine, can not distinguish between turbid or due to phlegm, heat evil into the inside, lung heat dampness, phlegm heat stroke, obstructive pulmonary collaterals due to asthma or not lie because living in damp places, wading in the rain, wet water invasion, block middle Jiao, spleen, Qi deficiency, dampness blocking Spleen Yang water, what
Or spleen damage and kidney, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, water wet muddy evil can not transport, block the air machine to produce evidence.

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