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What is the cause of IGA nephropathy?

2017-01-24 16:37
For any kind of disease is caused by the onset of the cause of the disease, IGA nephropathy is the case, the disease as a common kidney disease, which is already well known. Therefore, we must pay more attention to it! In particular, it is the cause of the disease, however, many people are not clear. So, then.
We are affiliated with the kidney disease experts in the hospital under the kidney, we bring together to know it.
1, early research has suggested that this disease may be deposited by IGA mucosal source, but recent surveys using highly specific technology, this disease is confirmed by the deposition of IGA nephropathy is the main source of treatment system, mainly produced by bone marrow and lymph system.
2, many antigens, including a variety of viruses and various food antigens can be detected in the mesangial area of this disease patients, and often accompanied by the deposition of IGA1, antibodies to these antigens are IGA1, because these antibodies can also be found in the normal cycle, there is no more antigen specific or characteristic.
3, there is evidence of the existence of the disease of abnormal immunoregulation, the disease with IGA1 circulating immune complexes, showing IGA1 rheumatoid factor poly; anti IgG antibody AB fragment of the old man Zhang Qi increased IgM antibody less interestingly HIV infected patients have similar anti immunoglobulin mode, but not kidney IGA deposition
This suggests that the presence of autoantibodies alone is not the cause of mesangial IGA deposition.
4, the disease complement activation mechanism is not clear, the immune cells are also involved in the pathogenesis of IGA nephropathy, has shown can have T helper cells (CD4) increased and T suppressor cells (CD8) become less; with the conversion of IgM synthesis for IGA synthesis of Ta4 cells increased, the frequency associated with Sa1 allele based on the increase.
5, the disease can be detected in serum and mesangial anti bovine serum albumin g long genotype antibody titer and the occult blood, recently, someone has been from the patient's renal cortex and the glomerular IGA got 5 single g long anti gene antibody, and their serum or plasma cell anti bad instead, the kidney cells have high reaction rate
It is suggested that the deposition of the kidney is related to the abnormal nature of these G IGA antibodies!
What is the cause of IGA nephropathy? Above all, this is the explanation, and these causes are rare, our hospital expert reminder: nephropathy for their own health, must according to the above these disease causes time to the corresponding prevention measures, so far away from himself and his family suffered! most
Finally, if you have any questions, can consult our hospital nephrology experts online, we will serve you wholeheartedly! I wish you an early treatment!

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