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So, how to prevent deterioration of chronic nephritis into u

2017-01-24 11:32

The most common and severe chronic nephritis is a kidney disease in China of a type. Nephritis is a major cause of uremia in our country, 70% of uremia caused by nephritis. So, how to prevent deterioration of chronic nephritis into uremia?
Patients should be clear as soon as possible the cause
"Nephritis points of primary and secondary two categories, a large number of albuminuria is called nephrotic syndrome. Primary glomerulonephritis refers to inflammation of the glomerular itself, is pided into acute and chronic two kinds, chronic nephritis in a variety of pathological type, IgA nephropathy. The most common secondary glomerulonephritis refers to other parts of the body disease caused by nephritis." Development zone hospital kidney disease expert introduction, the body almost every system diseases can cause nephritis, blackened and kidney disease is often the most important element in determining how severe, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) and vasculitis. Development zone hospital kidney disease expert introduction, nephritis of common diseases including autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sjogren's syndrome. Allergic purpura. Infection, such as tonsillitis, hepatitis, especially hepatitis b; All kinds of tumor; Some drugs. "To find out the cause from so many diseases, must fully understand the performance of, targeted inspection, need for renal biopsy in inspection when necessary. Sometimes miss a very small details, will lead to wrong diagnosis, delay treatment of the serious trouble." Development zone hospital kidney disease expert introduction. Therefore, renal biopsy examination for nephritis of diagnosing and judging condition and determine treatment is very important.
According to the degree of pathological changes with appropriate drugs
Nephritis mechanism of the disease is various, some diseases early is immune inflammation plays the leading role, so you need to inhibit inflammation, can choose according to different degree of disease and pathological changes of the appropriate drugs, including the hormone and immune inhibitors. Development zone hospital kidney disease expert introduction, hormone and immune preparations such as belong to western medicine treatment, although have a certain effect, but its side effects are also cannot be ignored, so the clinical and medical treatment must be cautious, to accurately understand the illness and then decide whether to need hormone and dosage and time, in order to achieve the best effect, at the same time, minimize side effects. Also some certain types of diseases and some just use hormone effect is bad, you also need to add in other immunosuppressants, breed more of these drugs. In recent years, there have been new drugs, but has certain side effects. Using a combination of Chinese and western medicine treatment, can complement each other, in reducing the side effects of western medicine at the same time enhance the treatment effect of the drug. Need to regular follow-up was a long time
"In addition to the inpidual case such as acute nephritis, most nephritis belongs to chronic disease, need long-term treatment and follow-up, there are three main." Development zone hospital kidney disease experts said. Relapse to timely treatment. Some patients in the process of drugs or disease progression after the drug was stopped, some in drug withdrawal and stable condition for years or even decades later will recur.
Condition changes to timely adjust the treatment plan. The pathogenesis of nephritis is complex, the role of the different mechanisms in different phases of diseases is different. Therefore, the application of the drug should be carried out under the guidance of specialized subject doctor. Nephritis patients to many bad stimulation sensitivity is high, especially need to be careful, some drugs are toxic to the kidney, mainly some antibiotics and cold medicine, analgesic, antipyretic, Chinese traditional medicine.

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