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Lupus nephritis and genetic related

2017-02-13 09:56

The relationship between lupus nephritis and genetic factors. Genetic factor is one of the main causes of lupus nephritis. Although the etiology of lupus nephritis has been difficult to determine, but experts believe that the outbreak of lupus nephritis and genetic factors have a great relationship.

Studies have shown that genetic factors play a role in the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis. Patients with lupus nephritis may have a family history, and the prevalence of the disease is high. HLADR2 detection rate was significantly higher than that of normal individuals. HLADQW1, HLADQW2, HLAB8, also see more. In addition, C2, C4, Clr, and Cls are susceptible to lupus nephritis. In recent years, the development of the theory and technology of molecular biology, deepen the study of lupus nephritis immune genetics, suggesting that some "outside the MHC gene with autoimmune gene might play a crucial role in lupus nephritis.

Through the above content of our relationship on lupus nephritis and genetic factors should have a general understanding, they should pay attention to prevention in these kidney disease, let yourself avoid suffering from lupus nephritis invasion, so as to prevent their long-term health crisis in the kidney.

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