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Hot summer induced nephritis

2017-02-27 10:14

A cold induced acute nephritis
There is a direct relationship between the occurrence of acute nephritis and human streptococcal infection. In summer, the weather is hot and the air pressure is low, and the resistance of the human body will decrease, which may lead to infection of the upper respiratory tract. In general, 80% patients with acute nephritis, as long as the timely medical treatment, and actively cooperate with medical treatment, can live in peace. But if you live in the river pollution, garbage piles, the dusty environment, we should pay special attention to the surrounding environment and personal hygiene, in self-defense because of insect bites caused by bacterial infection, infection for acute nephritis swoop. If fierce acute nephritis may also become acute renal failure, and even life-threatening.

Two, lupus erythematosus induced lupus nephritis
Lupus nephritis, in the summer due to the strong ultraviolet light is very easy to attack, even if you do not have a history of lupus, but also very easy to infection and attack at this time. There is a history of systemic lupus erythematosus, body sick cells more easily, cause aggravation or recurrence.

In particular, lupus nephritis is more common in women, as a result of the unique endocrine structure of women. Therefore, young women in the summer, in particular, to avoid the risk factors induced by lupus erythematosus, such as the sun (ultraviolet radiation) and easy to cause lupus erythematosus drugs. Therefore, patients with lupus nephritis, try not to go out in the summer.

Three, diabetic nephritis
Summer consumption of large amounts of fruits and beverages are likely to lead to excessive intake of sugar in diabetic patients, causing elevated blood sugar. And patients with diabetes in the summer sweating, can cause diabetic ketoacidosis or nonketotic deep coma, even renal failure. So the diabetes patients in the summer must pay attention to control the diet of sugar, maintain the normal daily water intake, to supplement the loss of sweat, preventing the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

Four, urinary tract infection caused nephritis
Summer people like swimming and other water activities, but the pool of human and water flow, it is easy to bring bacteria into the urethra, causing infection, leading to the occurrence of nephritis. Especially women, due to the special physiological structure, resulting in a great chance of retrograde infection. I love swimming to the attention of friends, not in the leisure activity in water, but can not go swimming in the river is not clean.

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