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IgA nephropathy why repeated attacks

2017-02-27 10:06

GA nephropathy is one of common disease nowadays, a lot of people for the treatment of this disease is not very understanding, which directly leads to a lot of people early in the illness for the treatment of diseases is not timely, resulting in the aggravation of the disease, so for the majority of the patients, you do not understand why the recurrent IgA nephropathy?

First we try to understand the principle of IgA protein in patients with nephropathy, urine occult blood appears, and then analyze the reasons for pathology of Western medicine and Chinese medicine treatment can not achieve the rehabilitation of IgA nephropathy.

Immune complex nephritis, the immune response is mainly through the circulating immune complexes and in situ immune complex in two ways, the multimeric IgA deposition in the mesangial area, caused mesangial cell injury. The antigen is mainly food, bacteria and viruses, mainly through the alternative pathway of complement activation, IgA nephropathy is the main reason of repeated the immune response and the occurrence of patients with abnormal mucosal immune clearance and liver function abnormal antigen ineffective, resulting in a large number of IgA IgA to remove obstacles, keep the body and easy deposition in the mesangial area, glomerular cell pathological changes, permeability, protein molecules of red blood cells, unable to intercept, leaked from the glomerular filtration aperture deformation, into the urine, and in patients with IgA Nephropathy Clinical appears on the naked eye, or examination, urine protein.
On the current level of Western medicine research, if the simple application of Western medicine, some patients can delay the progression of the disease, temporarily achieved urine protein and occult blood clearance, but to the treatment of IgA nephropathy, it is difficult to achieve IgA nephropathy gradually recovered. This is the cause of repeated IgA nephropathy. Why? Because the maximum effect of Western medicine is a short period of time to anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, temporary utility, temporarily from the index to see abnormal protein, occult blood project, which is one of the characteristics of Western medicine: symptomatic cure disease.

However, in these medicine which can not damage renal cells and repair the reversal of utility components, to achieve so that the development of renal fibrosis process cannot be blocked, is still slow, the condition will aggravate with time. Encountered predisposing factors influence such as influenza, infection, diet, mood, urinary protein and occult blood will be back. This is like a pot of boiling water, we poured a bowl of cold water, boiling phenomenon will disappear for a period of time, the surface is calm, but because the bottom of the pot fire is not extinguished, the water will boil again. It is a bowl of water utility only played a role in a period of time, but not a permanent solution of water boiling suppression.

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