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What factors can cause nephritis?

2017-03-03 11:17

1, electrolyte disturbance, acid-base imbalance can cause acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis.

2, including: overwork overworked (such as participate in heavy physical labor and strenuous exercise), burn the midnight oil, even the real work, can make the illness aggravation of chronic nephritis.

3, infection, including bacterial or viral infection, especially the upper respiratory tract infection (common cold), influenza, sore throat and so can make chronic nephritis.

4, indiscriminate use of drugs, some drugs are nephrotoxic, common amino type drugs, gentamicin, etc..

5, the occurrence of other complications, or the body of the external overload of various reasons, more than the body can withstand the stress ability, a variety of stress state can make the acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis

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