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Nephrotic syndrome can cure ?

2017-05-02 10:47
Nephrotic syndrome is serious, why always repeated? When I first knew that I had nephrotic syndrome, I was very scared, I felt a blank mind, I am very depressed, why is it that I got this disease nephrotic syndrome terrible? Can you cure?
Nephrotic syndrome
At the beginning, in our local hospital treatment, hormone, start effect is obvious, but the disease is over and over, no better, and then I heard about a hospital in Weifang, also have to worry about, Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine is how to treat?
Nephrotic syndrome is not terrible, want more than a hope!
After understanding, decided to treat, for more than a month in the hospital, I was feeling less uncomfortable, each finished whole and kidney area through local drug therapy, I feel the body began to sweat, the doctor said it was because I started to detox.
After the Weifang kidney hospital, I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, severe swelling of the body, urine protein 2+, but when I see a lot more than I do serious patients adhere to treatment, the mentality is better than me, the same ward patients often give me jokes. In his words, there must be a "take it," mentality, to recognize their own disease, if you want to cure the disease, we must learn to put down something, empty cup mentality is to keep.
The nurses in the hospital, as I have described in detail the hospital environment and settings, as well as where there is a toilet, where there are scrub, each layer is very detailed. Lend a hand when I need help, I get hot water, wash sheets, bedding. Every time I go to the blood purification room, I always help me. These small details reflect the rich love of the hospital, so that we feel the care of patients with kidney disease. These are the things that I needed most.
Now the body edema has disappeared, urine protein (+), the doctor also reminded me to pay more attention to the diet, do not eat protein foods, regular review, I believe that soon the urine protein will disappear. I also know that nephrotic syndrome is not as terrible as I thought, as long as the heart is strong, I hope that more patients can recover smoothly!

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