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What is caused by renal pelvis nephritis.

2017-05-03 11:40

The renal pelvis nephritis is a typical manifestation of kidney disease, the patients suffering from the disease is more, many patients have been on what caused the great interest, but has not been well solved. The cause of this disease is very complex, patients must not be confused with other diseases.

What is caused by renal pelvis nephritis, the most important as long as the patient's own situation, this disease is more difficult to cure. The symptoms were similar to those of acute renal failure, and the majority of white blood cells, proteins and tubes were found in the urine. Due to the late onset of renal pelvis nephritis, renal tubular disease is more serious, the incidence is also earlier, so renal tubular dysfunction appears earlier, but also more obvious, when there are such symptoms can easily be found. The renal tubule concentration function is reduced, which can cause polyuria and nocturia. Electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate, can lead to loss of sodium, potassium, and acidosis. Later due to renal fibrosis and vascular sclerosis, renal ischemia, increased renin secretion, the renin angiotensin induced hypertension, which is about the renal pelvis nephritis is going to introduce. A large number of late renal tissue damage, can cause hyperlipidemia and uremia, if not treated in time, it will seriously harm our health.

The red sun red sun kidney hospital experts pointed out that after the causes of renal pelvis nephritis in the understanding, but also should pay attention to the characteristics of the disease, is a great help to the treatment, the pathological features of renal pelvis nephritis renal tubular and interstitial inflammation and renal fibrosis of renal pelvis and scar formation. Light deformation. Lesions may involve one or both kidneys. The distribution of the lesions was not uniform, with irregular foci or flakes. The naked eye can be seen on both sides of the kidney asymmetry, ranging in size, volume reduction, texture hardens. The surface is uneven, there are irregular concave scar, the surface of the medulla can be seen blurred boundaries, renal papilla atrophy. The pelvis and calyx are deformed due to scar contraction. Mucous membrane thickening. Because of the long course of chronic nephritis, timely treatment can control the development of lesions, renal function can be compensated, without causing serious consequences. If the disease widely involving double kidney, late can cause hypertension and renal failure and other serious consequences, so the removal of inducement and early radical treatment is very important, but also in the daily diet and life more attention.

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