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Cause pyelonephritis

2017-05-04 16:18

Pyelonephritis, also known as urinary tract infection, can be divided into two kinds of acute pyelonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis.Acute pyelonephritis occurs more often in women of child-bearing age, Often seen in patients with low back pain, Renal area of tenderness, pain accompanied by chills, fever, headache, general symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and urinary frequency and urgency, and urinary irritative symptoms such as pain, blood tests showed leukocytosis.Without hypertension and azotemia.Cloudy urine of patients, can have gross hematuria, urine routine microscopic examination of how the amount of white blood cells or pus cells, can have a little bit of red blood cells and casts, a little to moderate amount of egg white.The treatment of chronic pyelonephritis with multi-lineage acute pyelonephritis is not timely, not the complete cause, is generally believed that the chronic course of disease was more than 6 months.If caused by urinary tract obstruction, predisposing factors were not corrected in time, the Elimination of long-term inflammation does not go away, but gradually become chronic, ultimately lead to uremia.Next, an expert in liver and kidney of traditional Chinese medicine hospital of Shaanxi Province will be for everyone to explain.

The etiology of pyelonephritis in Xi'an to see which kidney disease hospital in Shaanxi Province Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine liver and kidney


As the weight ratio of glomerular and renal tubular damage early, it is often the symptoms of renal tubular dysfunction, such as polyuria, nocturia, low specific gravity of urine, renal tubular acidosis and so on.Some patients also bear in order to see more young adults because of the occurrence of the renal vascular lesions often rapidly with malignant hypertension and early renal function and the changes of eye fundus blood vessel.E. Coli is the main pathogen.The kidney and replenishing nephritis in susceptible to many factors, the main factors related to infection.

(1) Because the female urethra is short, bacteria easily penetrated, more chances of infection, the incidence rate of women was 8 times higher than that of men 10 times.

(2) The existence of female urethral mouth have E. Coli, an important cause of infection is often caused by sexual intercourse.

(3) Pregnant women increased secretion of estrogen, Ureter reduction of tension, peristalsis is abate, lead to urinary tract obstruction, the high incidence of reflux of urine, and urinary tract infections during pregnancy, the majority of the kidney and nephritis.Caused by the infection of the kidney and replenishing more by nephritis cystitis, bladder-ureteral reflux in particular, is an important cause of infection.

(4) Failure to timely or adequate treatment of cystitis, approximately 30% ~ 50%% can be caused by upstream pyelonephritis.

(5) Urinary tract obstruction For example, urinary stones, Tumor, stricture, Hypertrophy of the prostate, and neurogenic bladder, the urine flow is not smooth, the decrease of topical antimicrobial is conducive to infection and increased pressure, is an important incentive for pyelonephritis.Approximately 60% of urinary tract obstruction complicated with pyelonephritis.

(6) The renal parenchyma lesions, such as glomerulonephritis, renal cysts, kidney cancer and chronic tubulointerstitial disease.Make the kidney topical antimicrobial ability, with the kidney and nephritis.

(7) Systemic factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, hypokalemia, heart failure, and a lot of pyelonephritis with chronic wasting disease.Some scholars believe that, with the exception of ascending infection, pyelonephritis can also be by direct infection of the blood and lymphatic and nearby organs, and also have a certain relationship.

The transfer factors of chronic pyelonephritis with acute pyelonephritis

Multiple women with acute pyelonephritis, a kind of urinary tract bacterial infections, and effective treatment can heal.Acute pyelonephritis turn the treatment of acute pyelonephritis with chronic generally not thorough enough, or recurrent infections, caused by life do not pay attention to health.(Acute pyelonephritis, The treatment of pyelonephritis, pyelonephritis has a relapse) is a kind of of acute pyelonephritis occurs in women with urinary tract bacterial infections, and effective treatment can heal.

Acute pyelonephritis turn the treatment of acute pyelonephritis with chronic generally not thorough enough, or recurrent infections, caused by life do not pay attention to health.

In order to prevent the conversion of acute pyelonephritis with chronic, matters needing attention are:

One, not the symptoms disappeared and the interruption of the acute phase of treatment, adherence to treatment after review, until healed.

Secondly, pay attention to hygiene, regular cleaning vulva and the anus, note that menstrual and sexual health, lots of water, urinate frequently, not holding back urine.

Three, strengthen physical exercise, pay attention to nutrition, strengthen the immune system and prevent the recurrent infections.

Four, there is chronic inflammation of gynecology diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease and so on, should be a thorough treatment to prevent the spread of infection to the renal pelvis.

Acute pyelonephritis patients to active treatment until cure to prevent recurrent infections.

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