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What are the causes of recurrent polycystic kidney disease

2017-05-05 18:23

1, treatment is not proper: a lot of polycystic kidney patients simply choose Chinese medicine or western medicine treatment, however, whether it is pure Chinese medicine or western medicine are not thorough treatment of polycystic kidney, that often appear the phenomenon of relapse.

2, treatment is not complete: many patients in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease, will be tasted, and no radical treatment of polycystic kidney, that their effective treatment of nephropathy. It is not true, no matter what the disease, the symptoms of the body after a period of time to go through the consolidation of treatment. So many patients with polycystic kidney disease, although no symptoms, but very easy to relapse.

3, the misuse of toxic drugs: misuse of toxic drugs can also cause polycystic kidney disease recurrence even worse, the most common situation is to listen to the recipe and eating with drugs in patients with toxic side effects caused by the deterioration of renal function, caused by uremia. What are the causes of recurrent polycystic kidney disease?

4, the nursing work is not in place: diet and care is good or bad, are important factors affecting the recurrence of polycystic kidney disease, many patients clearly reached the effect of rehabilitation in clinic, but still relapse? Why is this? It is because a lot of polycystic kidney patients and no diet and care as polycystic kidney. That leads to recurrence of polycystic kidney.

5, the psychological impact: polycystic kidney disease is also a physical and mental health, the health of the patients themselves have a great psychological pressure. Not to overcome the psychological shadow, polycystic kidney is difficult to cure, even if the clinical cure, once encountered mental stimulation, which led to the recurrence and exacerbation of polycystic kidney disease.

6, styled: we learned in the clinical treatment of polycystic kidney disease, there are many before the polycystic kidney patients received hormone therapy, which is the cause of the polycystic kidney symptoms repeatedly one of the main reasons, which has a relationship with certain characteristics of hormone drugs. Quick effect is almost all of us choose hormone drugs. The reason, of course, does not rule out those who do not understand the role of hormone drugs or do not know the doctor is a hormone drug.

7, blindly believe that polycystic kidney prescription: there is a kind of folk in our country folk prescription treatment of serious illness, but it is necessary to meet an important condition, is to symptomatic. These polycystic kidney recipe is not specifically for a patient's condition and the formulation, so it is difficult to play the desired therapeutic effect. Some remedies in the drug even the least safety are not, some medicine name, usage, dosage, indications, contraindications and other aspects of the existence of errors. Radical treatment of polycystic kidney disease is impossible to talk about.


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